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arduino serial lcd Customers Reviews

  • Great color LCD for your small projects

    posted by netiness

    Small, compact and relatively cheap. The display uses the ILI 9314 chip, so for documentation on how to program the display go to http://www.displayfuture.com/Display/datasheet/controller/ILI9341.pdf. The display also has a SD card reader, although this is not connected. The display has backlight controlled from a separate pin, and was very easy to hook up to my Netduino through SPI. Max speed for SPI clock seems to be around 1.3Mhz, making it a bit slow.
    Once you understand how to program it, setting individual pixels is a piece of cake, it even has hardware scrolling :)
    I have been running this for some days straight now, and there has been no problems. For me this have been good value for money.
  • When taking this LCD display into use, remember to update your I2c -library

    posted by TipuFIN

    + New I2c chip is very user friendly with software options for e.g. switching backlight on/off.+ No jumper needed for background led+ new chip is very thin and requires less space compared to the old one
    After getting new lib updated, usage of this LCD and I2c chip is very nice. Very good product!
    GO and download working I2c from the link below, I got mine working after updating that lib.#include <LiquidCrystal_I2C.h> // F Malpartida's NewLiquidCrystal library//Download: https://bitbucket.org/fmalpartida/new-liquidcrystal/downloads// Move original LiquidCrystal library elsewhere, copy this in it's place
  • Arduino IIC / I2C / TWI SPI Serial LCD 1602 Module - Blue + Green

    posted by Troncs

    This lcd panel is the most compact category, having brightness control via a potentiometer and a switch turns off the light. With green and blue colors.
    Esse LCD é usado para mostrar informações no painel, não contém botões para mudança.
    Excellent product, I recommend to all who want to do project with arduino in order to display information in the LCD panel.
  • Great option for Arduino Uno

    posted by olexandr.ivchenko

    1. Uses only 2 analog pins - so it's great for those ones, who don't want to waste MCU ports.2. Soldering is excelent3. Has 2 pin pairs to change adress(need easy soldering)Default address is 20(HEX), can be changed to 21 and 22(HEX).
    the only thing that is missing here - is some kind of keyboard
    Overall - it's very good item. A bit expensive, but still doing it's job for 100%

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