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  • Cheap and easy

    posted by lucass

    Really easy to use. With a google search you can find the diagram explaining how to hook it on your arduino and a source code sample for dumping the distance on the serial monitor. I'm using it on my car to avoid obstacles.
    Usefull if you need to get the distance of big objects on a 60cm range.
    It works.
  • Ease to use, cheap and very different sensor

    posted by margrilo

    Very cheap product.Good quality product, circuit assembly and circuit design.Works on both digital or analogic way.Has a screw hole for wall mountingHas potentiometer to configure sensitivity for digital trigger optionindicative LEDs
    very nice sensor. For a home automation project as i am doing. this is a very nice sensor to implement security on kitchen or other ambientsit works just fine and it's is very sensitive only to flame (light) not to any lamp or ambient light.you can use both analog modeby reading the analog pin flame presence -> value ~20)no flame -> value ~ 900or digital mode, by reading a digital output, which is turned on by a comparator chip that has the trigger regulated through the potentiometer.
    buy this sensor if you intend to built any project that need to be sensitive to flame light. somewhere i read that is is somehow sensitive to the temperature, but i couldn't verify that.but for projects on home automation or security issue, this will fit just fine.
  • 3~6V Sound Sensor Module for Arduino

    posted by fabio1964

    Verry cheap sond detection module for arduino projects with adjustable Gain for the mic to AO ratio at first i got almost no reaktion on the AO unles i made very high noices. But after som testing og trial an error type i found out that the gain was adjusteble.
    Nothing else to say, its very cheap but it works bad. I do not advise to buy this product.
  • Works great

    posted by Oxyacetylene

    Very good price for an Arduino sensor module. You can probably adjust the sensitivity but it may work fine without adjustment, depending on your needs.
    The "out" pin is normally in an on or high state. In your Arduino code you will need to monitor for that pin switching to a low state. You will probably want to also add a slight delay following the pin state read operation so it does not register multiple events every time it detects something...unless that is what you want.
    Great sensor module that works. Easy to use once you figure out the "out" pin as stated above.
  • Good universal reflective sensor

    posted by 2rb1lj

    This is a simple and well working reflective sensor based on a LM393 comparator and a Vishay TCRT5000 (or similar) reflective optical sensor.Mine works from 2.95 Volts with a sensing distance about 5 mm.
    It can be used with many kinds of electronics,- it is not limited to Arduino.I think I will find another way to mount the sensor component.If you want to use it for linetracing the sensor should have been placed on the other side of the PCB.
    Overall - God price and function.


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