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  • Nice IO board!

    posted by Joey232

    Very nice IO board for the Arduino Mega. It has an XBEE radio socket with level shifting right on it. The XBEE radio socket has CTS hooked to reset to allow for program updates over the wireless link. There is also a bluetooth radio header. There are servo style connectors with power and ground for all the signals.
    It took a bit of hunting around but I found the schematics for the board at the following link: http://www.dfrobot.com/image/data/DFR0093/Mega%20sensor%20shield%20V1.1%20SCH.pdf
    I would definitely recommend this board to anyone working with an Arduino Mega. It lets you easily get at all the IO signals.
  • Very handy and useful item to have around

    posted by Darkblade48

    A good shield, the sensor shield lets you connect a wide variety of modules (temperature sensors, humidity sensors, etc) to the Arduino via an easy to use interface. The shield breaks out all the I/O pins on the Uno and then pairs them with the Vcc and Gnd, so using a 3 pin connector (Dupont connector, or the like), you can easily hook up devices.
    A good device overall. This shield was designed for the Uno, and not the Mega. I would recommend another product (such as SKU 118060) for that purpose. The shield was designed for older revisions of the Uno, and not the newer Uno R3. It cannot support the extra pins that the Uno R3 has.
    A good shield to get, especially if you have a large number of devices to plug in. You could use a protoboard/solderless breadboard, but the sensor shield makes everything look much neater.
  • good shield for a reasonable price

    posted by chenwand

    I bought this sensor shield expansion board and it does exactly what it promises. It has good quality and it is very easy to use even for a beginner in the arduino world.
    The sensor shield expansion board came well packed. This sensor shield is very expensive and hard to find here in my country.
    If you need to use many sensors in the arduino you will need this. It is a good expansion board. Recommended. I did not find any cons at all.


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