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arduino sensor module

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arduino sensor module Customers Reviews

  • Feature-packed LCD with good software support

    posted by gigamegawatts

    This is identical to the TFT01-2.4 LCD sold by ElecFreaks. You'll find tech specs and sample code on their web site.Compatible with the awesome UTFT library, with supports Arduinos, Chipkit (PIC) and some ARM processors. Specify the S6D1121 controller (model parm ITDB24E_8).Compatible with the TFT01 Arduino shield (DX 179397) - I'm using mine with this shieldPerformance with an Arduino is surprisingly good: no noticeable lag with line graphics or large fonts.
    Based on the comments at the bottom of the page, there seems to be some confusion about whether the unit has 40 or 44 pins. Mine has 40, but is labelled "sod44pin" at the bottom. Go figure.Haven't tried the SD card socket yet.
    Amazing number of features for the price.
  • Easy to use, 2-way temperature triggers

    posted by RonaldoKass

    Easy to use, easily adjustable, standard TTL (5V) input/output.
    You will need to adjust the unit to your levels, based on trial and error or using an external thermometer, but once its set, each of the channels gets triggered when the temperature level has been reached.
    If you need a simple unit to be able to tell you when you exceeded a certain level of temperature, or in this case, 2 levels, this unit is very useful.
  • DIY 1-Way Sound Sensor Module for Arduino - Blue

    posted by fabio1964

    Verry cheap sond detection module for arduino projects with adjustable Gain for the mic to AO ratio at first i got almost no reaktion on the AO unles i made very high noices. But after som testing og trial an error type i found out that the gain was adjusteble.
    Nothing else to say, its very cheap but it works bad. I do not advise to buy this product.
  • Very easy to use

    posted by Cidde

    Really easy to use. Has both a digital and an analog output, which is really nice! The digital output threshold is controlled by a small screw.
    I'm using 12 sensors for a laser harp. I was a bit worried about latency, but the response time on the digital outputs is really fast - there's no noticable latency at all when using the digital output.
    There might be other options, but for me this worked perfect! The digital output was a winning argument when I bought this product.
  • KY 003 Clone with different pinout

    posted by snakedancer

    Small Hall sensor- needs a powerful magnet. The pìc from DX shows the backside. One red LED shows the magnet detection. If you look at it from the upper side, pinout is: Sensor output LEFT; 5 V VCC center; Ground ( GND) at the right side. LED and it´s R are on the LEFT side. This is NOT the same pinout as in other similar sensor boards.
    Should carry the Pinout letters on the PC board and a Schmitt trigger (74 HC 140 or 74 HC 14).
    There is a new Hall Sensor board at DX now- go for this! With Trimmer R and 2 LEDS and signal cleaning.(3.30$).To learn how to connect Hall sensors see the Manual from Melexis.


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