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arduino relay module

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arduino relay module Customers Reviews

  • great relays, recomended for arduino

    posted by MaartenArits

    very good relay series, easy to use. just connect the ground and 5V and you are ready to go. by pulling down the appropriate pin a LED turns on and the relay switches. This ensures that your microprocessor or other control circuit will have minimal power drain.
    Great quality for that small amound of money!
    if you need 8 relays, this is the way to go!
  • Good price but lower quality

    posted by Andrebureau99

    Very good price, low foot print, can be put to use with arduino or other type of CI. I like the way the inputs of the relay are on terminals, can be installed on standard small metal stands. Because of the price I prefer to use this unit unstead of a multiple one so if I had to make a change it's not a big deal. For myself I like the color it add to my project.
    Still, will purchase again but always two units or more so I can accept to have one defect.
    Nothing for now.
  • Excellent value for money

    posted by Hendrik24051972

    This relay has an easy and understandable layout. It activates the relays on "high trigger", which I find useful for my applications.
    I wish I had bought the 8 Channel version instead of the 4 Channel. I'm using this one for 1 month, and I already have a destination for each of the 4 relays.I like this module, really works as designed.
    This is value for money. If you want relay functionality for your Arduino, then this is the relay-module you need.
  • Works great with Arduino Uno

    posted by diypwn

    Works out of the box with 5V microcontroller boards like the Arduino Uno. Just hook it up to Ground, 5V and a pin of your choice. Use writeDigital(HIGH) or LOW to switch the relay on or off (or rather close the circuit Common - Normally Open).
    I have only used this relay with 12V DC fans that together draw less than 1A current. Even if the relay is rated higher I would not take the risk to go anywhere near the rating.
    Good value for money if you only need a single relay. Works great with 5V boards like Arduino Uno.
  • Quite nice shield for controlling loads

    posted by rickkonz

    Easiest way to get 2 relays under arduino control, can replace other xbee sheields, but even if you dont need that, its still a good buy.Screw terminals for Vin are a good start.Jumpers to configure the xbee connection so that you can keep the hardware serial going to the host computer.
    Not tried the Nrf or other wireless headers yet
    For low voltage switching its a great shield. Mains voltage - no way.

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