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  • Just what I was looking for...

    posted by Atron25

    If you want to go to the next level with your DIY projects or develoment mockups, go for it. Good quality material and excellent performance for this price is a good deal.It also works when you feed it with 3v.
    Nothing more to say...
    I'd to recommend this product to anyone, even if you don't have electronics knowledge.
  • Very Nice

    posted by fredejavite

    Very good pieces. All the components are very nice. I bought to turn on lights in my home. The LEDs helps you see easily what relays are ON.
    I recommend for house automation projects. But you can use for another projects.
    I recommend this item. Not so cheap but it's very good.I pretend to buy more 2 or three, and install for all my house.
  • 8 relays at a good price

    posted by 0xFBi

    Good quality PCB carries 8 relays, the contact tracks are thick to carry 10 Amps without burn.The relays are driven by optocouplers so to have good insulation between the logical unit from power unit. A jumper permits to bypass the optocoupler and have the same common line between the input drive and the relay solenoid.The board has 1 power indicator LED and 1 LED for each relay.
    The board is very simple to use and here http://www.henningkarlsen.com/electronics/library.php?id=57 you can find a good library to test and use it.
    if you use the board with 220 Vca put an insulation shield under the board.
  • works, mixed up pins

    posted by insane2k

    all relays worked, led status for each relay, power led.i received a
    i also own 144140 which looks the same, but it is wire different. 144140 is labelled correctly and has an additional resister across the emitter and base of the J3Y NPN transistor.
    works, but check your wiring. with the relay sitting away from you, and pins closest - if the GND pins run to the bottom right of the opto, and your COM runs the GND for the transistor Emitter (top right). then your COM and GND are mixed up. you'll need to get this sorted if you want properly isolate and not share a common ground.
  • 2 Channel 5V High Level Trigger Relay Module for Arduino

    posted by Troncs

    The value is low compared with other modules of the same segment, ie 5v input with 2 relay, 28v to 250v supports in a strain of 10A.
    Can be used with a switch in parallel. Easy installation for aqules who has basic knowledge of electronics and arduino. This relay will serve 95% of the projects, taking due attention to the engines pscina.
    Plate of red and blue relay. The circuit comes with an opto-isolator which very important for this type of connection.

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