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  • Works fine

    posted by tylernt

    Standard 4-channel relay board. Has transistors for the relay coils, and flyback diode protection. Relays close on HIGH signal, just as you would expect.
    Board draws 3mA with no relays closed. Each relay coil draws about 80mA when activated. Red "power" indicator, green relay indicators.
    Not sure what more I can say about it? It's a standard 4-channel relay board.
  • 2 Channel 5V High Level Trigger Relay Module for Arduino

    posted by Troncs

    The value is low compared with other modules of the same segment, ie 5v input with 2 relay, 28v to 250v supports in a strain of 10A.
    Can be used with a switch in parallel. Easy installation for aqules who has basic knowledge of electronics and arduino. This relay will serve 95% of the projects, taking due attention to the engines pscina.
    Plate of red and blue relay. The circuit comes with an opto-isolator which very important for this type of connection.
  • very good workin relay

    posted by dreezy

    his device works very well. I want to switch a filterpump from my swimmingpool with the k8055 (velleman-kit) and it works very well. I use an ordinary computer supply for the voltage i needed.I connected the 4 different pins as followed:vcc = 5V computersupplyGND = GND computersupplych1 -> clamp (K8055) even as ch2 (see also the website [http://zwembadforum.be/download/file.php?id=306]from the clamp to 5V a resistor from 2k2
    there are no other thougts..schematics to connect the K8055 and these relay board can be found at this websitehttp://zwembadforum.be/download/file.php?id=306
    everythings works fine. The relay is switching well unless there is any voltage on pen VCC. This means 1,8 - 5 V. If it is not, or the voltage is lower, the relay wil NOT switch.
  • very good quality, excellent first impression

    posted by slavino80

    quite intuitive but had to Google a lot to find some tutorial (used Google translate to get from French - http://skyduino.wordpress.com/2012/05/10/test-breakout-relais-funduino-de-keyes/)
    some bundled documentation would be very helpful
    great piece - I like it
  • Good product at a very interesting price

    posted by Ferraldo

    The main advantage of this product is that the input is optically insulated. This is particularly relevant for me as I need to connect the board to an expensive National Instruments I/O board. Beside this, the product is cheap, compact, and reasonably well assembled. It has good connectors and useful status LEDs.
    The board is packaged in an antistatic bag.
    Almost impossible to find this quality at this price.


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