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arduino relay board

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arduino relay board Customers Reviews

  • tested without any board olny with 5V wires and seems it is ok

    posted by SiPi77

    - high voltage relays- seems robust enough for me- Good prize
    - my 1st cons asks a question: howlong will work if the relays must be on to get a permanent on state
    - my opinion this can be a good choice for short time switched on os short time swithced off functions (as the relay has 3 connectors - without power on the relay's primary you can decide the switched side on or off by debault).
  • very good workin relay

    posted by dreezy

    his device works very well. I want to switch a filterpump from my swimmingpool with the k8055 (velleman-kit) and it works very well. I use an ordinary computer supply for the voltage i needed.I connected the 4 different pins as followed:vcc = 5V computersupplyGND = GND computersupplych1 -> clamp (K8055) even as ch2 (see also the website [http://zwembadforum.be/download/file.php?id=306]from the clamp to 5V a resistor from 2k2
    there are no other thougts..schematics to connect the K8055 and these relay board can be found at this websitehttp://zwembadforum.be/download/file.php?id=306
    everythings works fine. The relay is switching well unless there is any voltage on pen VCC. This means 1,8 - 5 V. If it is not, or the voltage is lower, the relay wil NOT switch.
  • high build quality

    posted by fnurkla

    Very good quality build. All the materials used in device are high quality: relays, board itself and connectors. It has a led for indicating power. Delivery package (a cardboard box) is also high quality. Easy-to-use relay board for an electronic project. Requres "standard" digital supply voltage 5V DC. Signal inputs accept 3.3V levels too because of on-board transistors. Small size and mounting holes allow to fit into required place.
    The relays are a bit slow so dont use this for high-performance requiring projects. Leds may be annoying if you use this for lightning projects, but you can easily desolder them.
    A good deal for DIY electronics to manage multiple external AC loads. Good soldering, and no flux residues...
  • Nice relay board with opticouplers for safety.

    posted by OgreRO

    It does work very easily and you do not need even a microcontroler to use it.Can handle 220V few amps as I need.
    You can use this for your home automation project to switch on some lights or any other apliance like a water pump for your automatic watering system.
    I definitely reccomend this over the one without optocouplers for higher safety. If you considering do not hesitate and buy it. It is cheap.
  • Very Nice

    posted by fredejavite

    Very good pieces. All the components are very nice. I bought to turn on lights in my home. The LEDs helps you see easily what relays are ON.
    I recommend for house automation projects. But you can use for another projects.
    I recommend this item. Not so cheap but it's very good.I pretend to buy more 2 or three, and install for all my house.


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