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arduino red Customers Reviews

  • Easy to use, simple connection

    posted by Nicolaj1212

    Easy to connect to an Arduino and sample from. Seems to be fairly well calibrated.A nice red LED to tell that there is power :-)
    Still dont know what long time use will do to the electronics when in a moist environment.It would have been nice if some sort of the output to moisture level had been supplyed.
    A very good product. I will be using a lot of these in my window farming project.
  • It is all what i expected to be

    posted by Alekzander2013

    Compact, good quality, serial interface (SPI), well known controller (ILI9341), lot of drivers for almost every MCU. I get it to work with my STM8S as soon as i wired it correctly (don't forget - it's 3.3v, and RST and SCE is Active Low so they have to be pulled to ground by external resistor or MCU settings).
    It was my first color display. And, as it SPI - it is slow for something realy good. But it quite allright for static information display or first steps in MCU learning.
    For me personally, it is too small and too slow. Now, as i tasted it i want MOAR!!! :) Although one can find a use for it, that's for sure.
  • Simple yet good controller module

    posted by kasperk

    * Really simple to use with Arduino or similiar platform* Reliable even when turning quickly* Works as a push button, apart from the obvious joystick function
    I've connected this to an Arduino Nano together with a 433 MHz transmitter in order to get a simple remote control unit for various robots that I build. The X and Y pins should be connected to analog input ports on the Arduino. The Z pin (which indicates whether the button is pressed or not) should be connected to a digital input port. The + pin goes to 5V port (it's possible that 3.3 works as well, but I haven't tried this) and the - pin goes to GND.
    Great module for remote controls and similiar projects, but it should've been cheaper.
  • Very Good Arduino Clone

    posted by DirkLui

    Relative cheap Arduino Clone with much extra, which are usefull. Extra pins for easy wiring of sensors, nice colors. No need add extra headers because they are all there
    Some documentation of specs would be useful
    Nice Clone, cheap but wrong measurements.
  • Excellent kit for enter in Arduino world

    posted by dariod10

    Very good and simple kit. Everything for assembling are supplied in kit. Very easy to put together and worked first time connected to Arduino.
    In specification.. please remove colour of PCB. This data just confuse.
    Very good product!

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