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arduino red Customers Reviews

  • Nice extra features

    posted by kunakos

    A bunch of extra headers, you can switch between 5v and 3v3. The colors are nice, if you like them.
    MicroUSB instead of MiniUSB would be better. Layout and labeling could be improved to aid usability. USB cable is a bit thick and rigid.
    Get it if you need the extra headers (3 pin sensor ports for each IO, serial, I2C). This is a clone that in some ways is better than the original!
  • Excellent kit for enter in Arduino world

    posted by dariod10

    Very good and simple kit. Everything for assembling are supplied in kit. Very easy to put together and worked first time connected to Arduino.
    In specification.. please remove colour of PCB. This data just confuse.
    Very good product!
  • Simple yet good controller module

    posted by kasperk

    * Really simple to use with Arduino or similiar platform* Reliable even when turning quickly* Works as a push button, apart from the obvious joystick function
    I've connected this to an Arduino Nano together with a 433 MHz transmitter in order to get a simple remote control unit for various robots that I build. The X and Y pins should be connected to analog input ports on the Arduino. The Z pin (which indicates whether the button is pressed or not) should be connected to a digital input port. The + pin goes to 5V port (it's possible that 3.3 works as well, but I haven't tried this) and the - pin goes to GND.
    Great module for remote controls and similiar projects, but it should've been cheaper.
  • Works fine with Raspberry Pi

    posted by treblig

    Pretty neat TFT LCD. Reading is very crisp though you need good eyesight. I use it with a Raspberry Pi using this distro : http://tronnes.org/downloads/2014-01-07-wheezy-raspbian-2014-03-12-fbtft-builtin-firmware.zip (had to change the cmdline.txt file on the RPi to indicate to which GPIO the dc pin is hooked). You'll find some help with adafruit22a instructions (see notro's github.com/notro/fbtft/wiki ). Don't forget to enable SPI on the RPi !You can compile your own kernel with notro's fbtft driver if you know how to do it (I haven't compiled a kernel since 1992 so I just used the distro mentioned above.)
    2.2" is pretty small but it all depends on what you use it for and/or your eyesight.
    Pretty good screen.
  • Great color LCD for your small projects

    posted by netiness

    Small, compact and relatively cheap. The display uses the ILI 9314 chip, so for documentation on how to program the display go to http://www.displayfuture.com/Display/datasheet/controller/ILI9341.pdf. The display also has a SD card reader, although this is not connected. The display has backlight controlled from a separate pin, and was very easy to hook up to my Netduino through SPI. Max speed for SPI clock seems to be around 1.3Mhz, making it a bit slow.
    Once you understand how to program it, setting individual pixels is a piece of cake, it even has hardware scrolling :)
    I have been running this for some days straight now, and there has been no problems. For me this have been good value for money.


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