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arduino prototype Customers Reviews

  • This is a fantastic shield for Arduino Uno-R3

    posted by Jay007

    I used this on a UNO-R3 and most of the connectivity worked perfectly.Lets you develop many hardware scenarios cheaply on the same base board.Great for prototype demonstrations, build your sets and plug and pray as you go.
    this item saved me lots of time and money, use it right and it will do the same for you.
    excellent buy for buck value.
  • very nice quality

    posted by boosthf

    The overall quality of the product was better then i expected. The connections look really good and the pcb looks really sturdy. The green color is nice and deep. I did not expect this quality so i am very pleased
    Great for your home projects. I use it for my arduino project for some prototyping. I am happy with my buy
    GOod product, i would recommend it.
  • Highly useful

    posted by edorfaus

    These boards make it easy to modularize hobby/prototype circuits, use the standard 2.54mm pitch, are a good size (perfect for one chip plus a few surrounding components), can be attached to each other so that the project stays in one piece, and are cheap.
    I bought three of these packs, and am glad I did - I've used two of them (10 boards) so far in my latest hobby project, and being able to build modules that I can easily swap in and out have helped a great deal, both because it's easier to work with one module at a time, and because I've needed to replace one function with another while the rest of the circuit stayed the same.
    If you have any use for this kind of board, I would recommend these.
  • good size for general stock

    posted by cachehiker

    big enough to handle larger projects on a single boardlayout convenient for cutting down for smaller projectsalthough i've used lots of boards that accept solder better, these are much better than average
    i build up a dozen or more projects a year and love having a few larger pad per hole boards in the parts cabinet
    good pad per hole board to stock up on
  • Just like your average proto shield, but cooler.

    posted by kunakos

    It's BLACK. Other than this it's your standard prototype shield, which is all good. Reset button, 1 extra button, 2 LEDs, SOIC 14 and DIP 20 ICs are easy to solder on.
    Pins could be longer, it would be nice if one could stack another shield on this. The included breaboard is of good quality.
    It's black, it looks cool. Just a tiny bit more expensive than the regular blue version. The only thing better would be a yellow or purple version of the same board.

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