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  • Very usefull and nice product

    posted by Backmann1

    A very nice battery box that makes it very easy to suppy power (7,2 volt) to arduino or other products that requiers this kind of supply. It's cheap. It arrived only 13 days after full shipment was announced.
    7,2 volt supply great for a lot of my gadgets R/C cars, Arduino and other portable equiptment :-)
    Very nice feature that it comes with the 2,1/5,5 mm dc plug that fits Arduino and a lot of other gadgets. And it's cheap.
  • Powers Arduino UNO

    posted by LynnCochran

    Provides 9 volt power to my Arduino UNO, when it's not powering another high-current project of mine. The 5.5/2.1mm "barrel" power plug fits Arduinos, with positive in the center of the connector (if the batteries are installed correctly ;) I have not had problems inserting the batteries into this enclosure, but I add the center battery on each side last (and remove it first).
    Price could be a bit lower.
    If you need a 9V battery source to power an Arduino in a standalone project for a long time, this pack will do the work.
  • good product

    posted by fnflores

    good quality product, great luminosity (please take care, do not see LED directly), easy to use, it is applicable for any Arduino LED project, it comes with a standard packing.
    Recommended for high luminosity LED projects (I did a Christmas light for home), also to test any Arduino library works fine!
    Use it! it is fun and really easy to use!
  • review

    posted by galaden

    it works normally like any kind of power adapter, and fits perfectly in my Arduino and from now on i don´t have to always connect my Arduino to a computer .
    I had no problems so far, and i don´t expect having one .
    it´s a useful product if you don´t want to have your Arduino always connected to USB and don´t want to use a battery all the time .
  • MB102 Breadboard Power Supply Module

    posted by oozihemp

    Great power supply! -Comes with 2 individual channels, that can be set to different voltages.-Comes with a ON/OFF switch and a LED indicator.-Works with a bunch of power input options, surch as USB, 6V AA battery pack, 9V battery, 8.4V Li-Ion Battery pack.-Pretty decent Regulated 3.3V and 5V line, with just 2% of voltage drop.-Nice current output, 630mA usint a Li-Ion battery pack-Easy jump system to set the voltage or to turn the channel off-Easy to work with
    Its a great and well built power supply for small projects that needs a regulated power supply, works well with arduino or just powering normal DIY electronic project.
    It is a must buy product!

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