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arduino pieces Customers Reviews

  • Not the cheapest but very well built

    posted by usamashah

    Quality is very good, does not feel cheap at all. Comes in various lengths that are useful on breadboard projects. Lengths are all colour coded as well so it is easy to differentiate. The box is also very nice and is sectioned to easily organize the wires by length.
    Its great for DIY projects makes everything much more compact and cleaner instead of having wires looping around everywhere
    Highly recommend for the quality but price could be better
  • Great general connection cables

    posted by swarthx

    Very good general purpose connection cables. for DIY projects with microcontrollers, electronic, etc. The length is what its written in the description. The female connector fits very tight The male side is thinner than regular header pins, its good for direct soldering on boards.You can connect two or more of them in series if need bigger lengths
    the connector cannot be splitted, if you want to split the connector you will lose one connection
    buy them if you need 5 or less connections. combine more than one is an option, but you will have repeating collors
  • Meh. I've had better.

    posted by nuwud

    I like the length of the Arduino Dupont 4-Pin Female to Female Extension Wire Cables.
    After messing around with it and making sure everything was aligned properly I have found the Arduino Dupont 4-Pin Female to Female Extension Wire Cables work fine, just be careful not to tear the port apart when inserting pins.
    It was cheep and the shipping was free. In the end I will still be able to use the Arduino Dupont 4-Pin Female to Female Extension Wire Cables.
  • great for the price

    posted by frollard

    Really handy if you need to extend a low gauge .1 pin header for a servo or sensor board
    I needed to use it to connect some stepper motors to my 3d printer driver (RAMPS) board. They work but I don't know if they are high enough gauge for the current I'm running. Time will tell. If they're stalling out or missing steps I'll have to upgrade.
    You can't beat this price. Get six, you never know when you need a pin extension for your arduino sensors or other quick projects.
  • Value for money

    posted by chuank

    Simple, well-made, sturdy. Silk-screened labels are well-done, and plating seems to hold up very well. These are so much better than your brown wafer prototyping stripboards, if you're looking to building more permanent circuits.Package came with a tiny pack of dessicant, which is a nice touch.
    Size is great for smaller prototyping projects. The plated-through-hole gives you two layers of prototyping space to work with.
    Get these if you need something more reliable than brown prototyping stripboards.


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