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arduino official Customers Reviews

  • very useful for beginners and others

    posted by todica

    It is complete and very useful kit for beginners. Contains the most important accessories, (sensors, connectors, electronics), for basic experiments. For some experiments no need to by other devices, no need to solder anything, only use the breadboard and plug the connectors, (for example temperature sensor, color led experiments, servo motor, stepping motor, etc). Very easy to use. The soft and examples can be freely found on the web site. http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/SoftwareThe soft and drivers are easy to install.
    I used the card with an old PC celeron computer under XP windows, and also with an Asus Eee PC, with small processor, under windows 7 starter. It work well on both.
    Very good rapport quality/price. The kit allow the development of many experiments without any supplementary modules.
  • excellent board

    posted by DSAutomacao

    Plate very good to do projects and drives equipment using voltage higher than 5V, you can make a pretty cool automation to your home or anywhere else. Very good indeed she is well crafted welding is done well, really a product of first and besides the price is very cheap. Great build, easy to setup and come exactly as advertised. It is increbly cheap compared to the stuff that is packed into this products
    Comes packed in a cardboard box and a layer of plastic, all pins are perfect as well as the relays. everything ok
    I will do my drives home with this relay. I will continue buying more.
  • Great value for money

    posted by Bjorker

    Easy mounting, and easy use with arduino. Just connect the 5 volts and the out pin of the sensor to one of the arduino input ports.Out of the box a good sensing distance is around 1 cm, but it can be adjusted with the onboard potentiometer.An onboard LED lights up when the output is high, which makes it easy to test your project.
    I ordered 6, they all worked without problems.
    These sensor are very good value for money and can be used on a variety of project.
  • Nice IO board!

    posted by Joey232

    Very nice IO board for the Arduino Mega. It has an XBEE radio socket with level shifting right on it. The XBEE radio socket has CTS hooked to reset to allow for program updates over the wireless link. There is also a bluetooth radio header. There are servo style connectors with power and ground for all the signals.
    It took a bit of hunting around but I found the schematics for the board at the following link: http://www.dfrobot.com/image/data/DFR0093/Mega%20sensor%20shield%20V1.1%20SCH.pdf
    I would definitely recommend this board to anyone working with an Arduino Mega. It lets you easily get at all the IO signals.
  • Powers Arduino UNO

    posted by LynnCochran

    Provides 9 volt power to my Arduino UNO, when it's not powering another high-current project of mine. The 5.5/2.1mm "barrel" power plug fits Arduinos, with positive in the center of the connector (if the batteries are installed correctly ;) I have not had problems inserting the batteries into this enclosure, but I add the center battery on each side last (and remove it first).
    Price could be a bit lower.
    If you need a 9V battery source to power an Arduino in a standalone project for a long time, this pack will do the work.


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