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arduino motor Customers Reviews

  • Workhorse H-Bridge

    posted by ggutshal

    At this price, why build your own? The board is populate with the L298N H-bridge chip affixed to an adequate heat sink. Inputs are presented on a header strip. Motor and power connections are presented on screw terminals. H-Bridge outputs are diode shunted to prevent transients and there is an on-board 5v regulator.
    It's hard to beat a $5.80 L298 H-Bridge module.
  • Good motor driver

    posted by ppsieradzki

    Does its job. This module is most useful because you can drive two DC motors or one stepper motor. I chose to just drive one DC motor, and it worked great. Look up the wiring in the forum.
    I'm using this as part of my home automation setup. I'm hooking up a high-torque DC motor (purchased from DX) to a PVC rod that will roll up or unroll blinds. Should be pretty cool when I'm done!
    Great value for the price. Can't argue with the free shipping and it works natively with Arduino. Again, look up the wiring hookup in the forum for the correct pinouts to Arduino.
  • Small, cheap and good quallity

    posted by korlenn

    Great price. Small as i expected. Good quallity at this price.
    If you make an analogy between L298 and L9110, L9110 can see that the does not have enable/disable pin.In other words is simply connected to the Arduino, in my case.External power supply must be used to avoid power problems.
    Connect with an Arduino Mega (bought from DX) works very fine with 2 micromotors.
  • Good cheep alternative to branded ones.

    posted by Hakkinator

    Build quality is good. Simply to use, works also from Arduino 5V supply (don't necessary need to use separate power supply for driving motors). Nice thermal pad for L298N.
    Good and cheap alternative to branded ones. Pins are connected to Arduino's digital pins 7,6,5,4 - 6 and 5 are used for PWM (motor speed control); 7 and 5 direction control (LOW for one direction; HIGH for reverse). Still I would like enable signal brought out on some digital pin.
    Good buy - will try to drive stepper motors and if everything is ok will use these boards for my DIY PCB mill.
  • good product

    posted by fabio1964

    This is a very nice little L298 carrier board. It has (very bright) red status LEDs for the 4 inputs, as well as jumper-enable-able pull-up resistors on the inputs.
    No manual. Can't see the reason for pull-up resistors on the inputs(see other thoughts). For security reasons I would put pullDOWN resistors, if any. Plastic parts of the screw terminals are somewhat loose on my board (I bought only one), but that does not caused any problem. Got the same problem with supplies over 20V as FakeName describes
    At this price it can't get any better! if you are looking for a great h-bridge to control couple motors this is a sure bet

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