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arduino motor board

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arduino motor board Customers Reviews

  • Cheapest stepper motor around that fulfills the necessities

    posted by joaopbranco

    - It's a very cheap motor- It's very ease to control with a "ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Module" through an arduino- Handles well some overload voltage (i accidently put it on 12v and it survived - more than i can say of the arduino...)
    I haven't found an easy way to connect the shaft to the real world (had to make some small holes in a metal plate to try to mimic the shaft's format). A kit with some adapters would be really cool.
    It's the best stepper motor for entering the world of DIY with the arduino... don't expect high speed nor big torque (the slower the speed, the higher torque you'll have). This isn't the type of motor you'll use in a 3D printer :)
  • Excellent driver

    posted by nrile

    Works fine, a lot of possibilities like microstepping in 1/2. 1/4, 1/8 stepping mode, enable, sleep... It is very easy to use, on the internet you can find a lot of tutorials how to use it with breakout board or arduino.
    More about this driver you can find on http://www.schmalzhaus.com/EasyDriver/index.html
    Good driver for small hoby projects, worth of buying.
  • good product

    posted by fabio1964

    This is a very nice little L298 carrier board. It has (very bright) red status LEDs for the 4 inputs, as well as jumper-enable-able pull-up resistors on the inputs.
    No manual. Can't see the reason for pull-up resistors on the inputs(see other thoughts). For security reasons I would put pullDOWN resistors, if any. Plastic parts of the screw terminals are somewhat loose on my board (I bought only one), but that does not caused any problem. Got the same problem with supplies over 20V as FakeName describes
    At this price it can't get any better! if you are looking for a great h-bridge to control couple motors this is a sure bet
  • Good cheep alternative to branded ones.

    posted by Hakkinator

    Build quality is good. Simply to use, works also from Arduino 5V supply (don't necessary need to use separate power supply for driving motors). Nice thermal pad for L298N.
    Good and cheap alternative to branded ones. Pins are connected to Arduino's digital pins 7,6,5,4 - 6 and 5 are used for PWM (motor speed control); 7 and 5 direction control (LOW for one direction; HIGH for reverse). Still I would like enable signal brought out on some digital pin.
    Good buy - will try to drive stepper motors and if everything is ok will use these boards for my DIY PCB mill.
  • Worthy purchase

    posted by condorxan

    This H-bridge Motor driver works as it should. Despite some drawbacks, it does what it has to do. I used it for my differential Drive RC robot. Voltage range is quite versatile.
    Package form factor can further be reduced to save some space. The only problem I found is the heat dissipation problem due to the package form factor. PCB design can be improved with extra heat sinks.
    I'd strongly suggest this item to DIY makers and Robot hobbyists.

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