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  • Mostly 5v Tolerant

    posted by chuck0001

    This sensor is compatible with the Arduino environment. 1. onboard 3.3v regulator2. SCL, SDA 5v tolerant with onboard level shifter.3. SA0 connected to ground via resistor, Connect to pin 2(3.3v output) to change I2C address from 0x1C to 0x1D4. came with 2 sets of 0.100in pins, straight and 90degrees.
    The manufacture could improve the design by adding 5v level shifters to the INT1 and INT2 pins.Dalmir da Silva has created an Arduino compatible driver at https://github.com/dalmirdasilva/ArduinoAccelerometerDriver
    The Freescale MMA8452 is a very nice and inexpensive 3 axis accelerometer. You can interface it to an Arduino board using only 1 exclusive pin, the interrupt pin. By using the I2C communication built into the Adruino five wires are all that are necessary for complete function. Power(5V), Ground, SCL, SDA, INT. And if you do a little software sharing you can even share the INT pin by configuring Open Collector drive and electrically or'ing output of multible I2C devices.
  • Would be nice to know it's stepped...

    posted by etgalim

    What you see is what you get. The PCB is of great quality. Nothing out of the ordinary...
    I'll find what to do with it, but it's not gonna do for the project I ordered it for... Thats a shame, but now, that you know it's a stepped one - get it if it's good for you...
    I'll get a new one, fluid one, for me the steppes kinda go agains the whole rotary encoder idea, but I guess I can find something to do with it in the future...
  • Good quality *SPI* screen

    posted by killabyte

    Excellent TFT screen, with good resolution and very good contrast.Require only 8 pins for working.The UTFT library is full compatible and you can concentrate on your project without messing with the screen internals or silly things like graphic fonts.
    It is designed for working with 3.3v!!!!! Don't plug it directly to an Arduino board without reducing the input voltage!!! (using resistors is ok)
    Good screen, easy to use, great graphics library and only using 5 digital pins :D
  • Handy gadget for the experimenter

    posted by HenryJ

    Inexpensive.Handy for the experimenter as it plugs into a breadboard easily (not that a three pin device isn't easy to plug into a breadboard but having the device mounted to the pcb helps protect it and make it less vulnerable to handling damage.
    Good for any arduino experimenter.
    A good price for an experimenters gadget.
  • Awesome, I am very satisfyed

    posted by duodecimo

    The products (I have bought 2 motors) where very carefully packed, and this is awesome. The motors worked out of the box, no problem (other that I had to find a schema to connect things in the internet).
    It would be great if there were instructions on how to connect the product with the Arduino board, along with some example code.
    In the end, after finding a schema of connection and a sample code on the web, all worked as expected. The motors are slow, but very strong, and my circuits did not heat at all. I was very pleased with my purchase.


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