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  • Nice and affordable transceiver, but beware of pin header pitch.

    posted by talosds

    * It's a cheaper option than most development kits.* Features a decent antenna (and the possibility to solder an SMA connector and use a better antenna)* Can be easily used in hobbyist RC projects.* Based on the CC1101, a powerful, yet affordable IC.
    * Build quality is okay, but there are some flux leftovers on the PCB that may require cleaning.
    It's a nice, affordable radio transceiver, appropriate for both hobbyists and professionals alike. Not FCC certified, so not suitable for other use but prototyping and hobbyist projects.If having a pin header with a 2mm pitch is not a problem for you, then you should probably go ahead and get yourself a pair of these!
  • Beware - it is common ANODE!

    posted by avk999

    It works. Bright enough, quality is good. Price is right
    I've used four shift registers (one controlling anodes via mosfets, three others directly controlling R,G and B cathodes).
    I should have got four of those to make a large sign/display unit.
  • Easy to Use RFID

    posted by arnoldsen

    Very easy to use.Sends a string with frames, CS and the TAG number in plain 9600 Baud serial format.Plain and simple.Interfaces very well with all microcontrollers operating at 5V (haven't tested at 3.3V).The framing characters 0x02 for start and 0x03 are easy to detect, and will never be a part of the TAG-number or CS, because it is ASCII coded.Reading from the module is simply done by waiting for 0x02 - receive 12 characters - if the next is 0x03, then a full TAG number is received.
    Plug in the moduleSet up serial portRead the tagnumber, when it is presentedNo Problem
    Good value for money module.
  • Good quality buzzer...

    posted by Blacktxandy

    Its a solid construction, came with a lot of protections in a sealed plastic bag, works really good on my arduino mega, works with computer output... and its a quite loud :D
    Its a small buzzer, perfect for any Do It Yourself project and fun with a microcontroller... Im using it directly to my arduino... hope it doesn't need any resistor to protect anything :P
    Buy it if you want a good buzzer...
  • good shield

    posted by joren120

    the 8 Channel Relay Module Extension Board is a good Arduino shield to you motor, 230V, I use it to control my aquarium. It is also nice that there are LEDs on it so that you can see which relay is switched. It is also small so you can easily hide in a junction box.
    It is easy to connect and should not be placed on the Arduino so there could use some space. and also has no additional power source is needed and that's fine, you just need the power supply of the Arduino.
    fine product for the Arduino.can switch 230V.the relays are 5V.no additional power source.cheap.

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