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arduino mini Customers Reviews

  • Good for prototyping

    posted by mekkuli

    Fits perfectly Arduino UNO (as it should) and helps very much in fast prototyping.
    (cont from cons) ...but actually this helps the prototyping a lot as it has a row of 5V and another row for ground. Saves a lot of hassle with wiring.
    You need several of these when working and testing a new project. You can wire everything and then switch to another test project just by pulling out the expansion board and adding another.
  • nicely built but lacks a manual

    posted by marcosaccioly

    nicely built. the first thing you'll notice is that it looks extremely professional and just like an original arduino shield. it is also a must-have if you're into fast prototyping because a separate breadboard is sometimes cumbersome to carry around.
    a must-have for arduino fans.
    I thought it'd be like any other arduino stuff: just one more piece. but this little breadboard really makes the difference between having fun and having a headache of wires or an external breadboard. just get one. it will make you happy.
  • Work nice from beta to gold versions!

    posted by david.vinazza

    * The protoshield fits perfectly in any official arduino version.* Protoshield connections can be easily understood.* Breadboard size is cool for small and organized proyects.
    * This couple of items are useful since the early beginnings to the final version of any arduino proyect.* White looks trendy.
    * Lots of Arduino official and comunity documentation. Lots of proyects that can be mounted over these.
  • How to Program

    posted by StevenHolland

    This module comes with separate pins as a set. There is a module like this with part no: SKU 178183.It's cheaper and according to the reviews comes with the pins soldered. There may be differences between these boards as the soldered module is referred to and paint-stamped as Funduino. This board has good and clear port indication in white paint but no painted brand name on the back.
    Programming is as follows:Connect module to pc with for example upload cable SKU 199553.Wiring is ground-black vcc-red rx-green tx-white.Connect USB, the board will start with quick flash.Choose Arduino Pro or Pro mini in Arduino Sketch.Choose the automatically added com poort.While the Arduino program on your pc compiles hold down the reset button. Release the button when compiling finishes and uploading starts.I'm glad I found this procedure, together with connecting picture, under SKU 178183. If connecting the USB cable to PC fails please check your USB drivers. I already had an Arduino Leonardo installed before so my computer USB drivers are already present. you'll have it programmed and running the Arduino 'blink' example software within minutes after arrival from China (which takes about 20 days to Europe).Should you get an avrdude:stk500_getsync() error just make sure you release the reset button when uploading starts.
    Superb computerpower on a post stamp.
  • High Quality Component!

    posted by brettcarroll

    Small size. (less than 3/4 x 3/4 inches)Resistor onboard.3 pin interface. (GND,VCC,SENSOR)Includes holes for mounting and solder points for chaining other switches (in parallel)Super cheap!
    This is a very simple component.Great for use as a CNC limit switch.Has extra solder points for adding an LED.Switch is normally open.May need to twist/turn the magnetic switch to get it to activate properly when a magnet is place over the switch.
    If you are looking for an easy to use magnetic switch, you can't go wrong with this little board.


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