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arduino mega board Customers Reviews

  • Excellent price / quality ratio

    posted by havez

    USB cable includedlow costFully compatible with the Arduino softwareComplete hardware compatibility with Arduino ShieldHigh performance processorEnough memory, even for complex solutions
    Convenient to use this controller, so how can you find sample programs on the Internet for almost any sensors and actuators. A wide range of peripheral devices for virtually any application.
    The controller can be used for any projects, such as the automation of the aquarium and is the brain of a smart home. Just used it as part of a smart home. Ample performance allows us to serve all of the house. Collection of information, climate control, security features, it's all been realized on this controller.
  • Nice IO board!

    posted by Joey232

    Very nice IO board for the Arduino Mega. It has an XBEE radio socket with level shifting right on it. The XBEE radio socket has CTS hooked to reset to allow for program updates over the wireless link. There is also a bluetooth radio header. There are servo style connectors with power and ground for all the signals.
    It took a bit of hunting around but I found the schematics for the board at the following link: http://www.dfrobot.com/image/data/DFR0093/Mega%20sensor%20shield%20V1.1%20SCH.pdf
    I would definitely recommend this board to anyone working with an Arduino Mega. It lets you easily get at all the IO signals.
  • Great product

    posted by marekdsk

    Great product for nice price. I was expecting LCD with black letters and green backlight, but it is white letters with blue backlight, which is much better. It looks great. It is working out of box with Arduino IDE software (I work with linux, but I dont thing windows would not work too) Buttons are good quality. Supplied USB cord is good quality. 256 kB of memory is really good for my project, as I use more libraries, so my program will fit into it.
    Some manual in packaging would be nice for people, who dont know how to use it.
    Great product for nice price, if I would need another one, I will buy one of these again. Thank you DX :)
  • Kit para iniciante em Arduino

    posted by MarcioD

    Produto Mega2560. Vem com conjunto de jumpers para utilização em protótipos. Também tem conjunto de LED para simulação de saídas, bem como os resistores necessários. Conjunto para realização de testes (protótipos).
    Talvez poderia vir com conector micro ou mini usb para facilitar a utilização do mesmo.
    Para quem quer iniciar atividades e o aprendizado do Arduino é uma excelente opção.
  • High performance, good quality

    posted by FCC77

    It has good quality. Works with Arduino program. You can buy this one. But if you have urgent project, remember the shipping time. I tested with basic programs in Arduino. I tested also with 3.2" TFT touch screen and TFT shield. Everything works well.
    This is good for low cost projects. Before I bought this one, I read reviews carefully. You have to read the reviews first before buying. I can say that buy this part if you want.
    FCC reviewed for you. I think that similar things given in other ten reviews. Please read reviews.


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