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arduino led module

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arduino led module Customers Reviews

  • Must-have for Arduino

    posted by WpgCameraMan

    - Price (Duhh!)- Lots of uses- Very easy to interface to Arduino- Bi-colour LEDs red, green or both- Buttons- LED adjustable brightness (via code)
    I use the TM1638 library, easy to program with that. Lots of options.Hardware detects & returns one or more simultaneous button presses. Uses SPI hookups, DIO, CLK (shared among all the SPI devices you have hooked up) and a dedicated STROBE line (per device). A de-multiplexer (74LS138) could help drive multiple displays quite easily (though not supported by the TM1638 lib).
    The SPI makes this a handy device for displaying numbers (or custom 7-Segment font) , I use this more than my LCD display that needs 8 or more lines. Buttons and the bi-colour LED's make this a must-have.
  • Good for Arduino beginers

    posted by Nick17200

    I bought this kit for experimenting with my students.Works on SPI and is very easy to order with an Arduino Uno.The PCB Board is marked and that makes the components to be easy mounted.The device works from the first try if it's built properly.
    Perhaps it would be useful to make a PCB Led array, and the headers have the mother out of the PCB, to be able to interconnect with other PCB
    It can be used to commercials light !
  • Arduino compatibility

    posted by firesign

    Bright RGB LEDsSimple hookupUser can control two pairs of LEDsFor Arduino use ShiftPWM library
    I was able to make this module work with Arduino using the ShiftPWM library from Elco Jacobs at http://www.elcojacobs.com/using-shiftpwm-to-control-rgb-leds-with-arduino/ . I only had one but I assume that the library will support daisy-chained modules. You will also need a robust 5v power supply, since the Arduino digital outputs don't have the required current to drive the module.
    If you don't mind experimenting a little, I think that this module is good value for the money.
  • Nice bright RGB Led

    posted by jucko13

    This is a nice compact RGB led mounted on a pcb with mounting holes. The price is just perfect for such a bright rgb led. I blew up the green color on testing (I accidently put 5v on the led from the arduino. It can handle it but after a few seconds it just went off and broke). The colors are bright (maybe too bright) and mix well together.
    after receiving them i ordered a few more. definitely worth it. Can be used directly from the Arduino using the pwm ports.
    nice product and works how it should.
  • Nice 4 digit display.

    posted by DrJFM

    Only takes 2 wires to use. Mine was a Catalex as shown. Had seen some complaints about these devices from various sources, but no problems with this one.Used: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_-_4-Digit_Display for trial sketchs and nice timer routine too.
    Surprised how accurate a clock you get with just the UNO crystal and no correction. Wanted to do something each day at a time +/- a couple of min.If I have to adjust the "clock" once a week, no big deal.
    Ordered a couple more! Will try w ATTiny.

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