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  • Good quality, easy to use

    posted by kcouckuyt

    Very impressive image quality, good readability, easy to connect to arduino using the LCD mega shield you can by here also. Use the UTFT library and just change the screen type to 'TFT01_32', and it will work! The touchscreen also works very well, you don't have to push it very hard, a light touch is sufficient.
    If you're looking for a larger screen for your diy projects, this is the one to get! You do have to use an arduino Mega to be able to use the screen, the touchscreen and SD-card reader at the same time
    Very good buy
  • Great for DIY project dislay

    posted by myNextGen

    Very nice display and a great price, I use it with the Texas instrument Launch pad micro controller. I intend to use it with the Arduino in the near future and have downloaded the library files from the Arduino site.
    can apply for various applications that involves displaying data and animations.
    really happy to own this module.
  • Buy this LDC

    posted by Aireal

    This is a really good price. Used in on my arduino and it was super easy to set up with the sparkfun tutorial. After adjusting the contrast a bit, it works great.
    Very useful and good price, it is great value for money and mine worked perfectly. Ill probably get a few more in the future. Very cool for DIY projects where you want to display temperature and sensor readouts.
    Get this screen, you wont regret it.
  • Good screen but fragile

    posted by arderk

    This is a really big screen. It is certainly good board for any ARM project. Resolution and image quality are acceptable.
    I have killed mine beyond repair cause my ITDB02 shield had 5V VCC, I did not notice this and here I have screen that initializes but goes blank after a second of work. if you see the screen is going "snow" then you can be sure it is dead ((
    I would not recommend this for everyone. Buy it and use carefully! And if you use it as designed, you will have one of the best things in your lab. I will buy another one soon. And again and again. Cause 5'' is a serious power!!
  • Good screen for arduino

    posted by RetroHetro

    Good screen, with high resolution and vivid colours.Libraries to drive the screen are available at http://henningkarlsen.com (Look for the UTFT and Utouch libraries)You will also need a shield such as SKU: 144471 to easily connect to your arduino up.
    You really need a higher memory capacity arduino such as the mega especially if you want to do more complex things, or you will run out of memory.
    For a good res screen, this is a good option.

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