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  • Great option for Arduino Uno

    posted by olexandr.ivchenko

    1. Uses only 2 analog pins - so it's great for those ones, who don't want to waste MCU ports.2. Soldering is excelent3. Has 2 pin pairs to change adress(need easy soldering)Default address is 20(HEX), can be changed to 21 and 22(HEX).
    the only thing that is missing here - is some kind of keyboard
    Overall - it's very good item. A bit expensive, but still doing it's job for 100%
  • I2c display

    posted by ponakka

    Works and has nice brightness and just four wires overall.
    When address and example code were found from interwebs everything was fine-
    read example from this sitehttp://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/LCD-Blue-I2Cyou also need this page for librarieshttps://bitbucket.org/fmalpartida/new-liquidcrystal/downloadsArduino UNO SCL pin is A5 and SDA pin is A4
  • Nice display for microcontroller projects

    posted by diypwn

    Standard pin layout that works with existing library and examples. Pins are soldered on the backside so you can mount the display in a project box. I use mine with Arduino Uno + resistors to limit the current (see comment below).Ada Nokia 5110 software library and example sketch for Arduino works out of the box if you connect the pins according to the sketch. Contrast setting in the sketch may need some tweaking. Note: you also need the Ada GFX library to be able to compile.
    This works without extra hardware with 3.3V logic (like Arduino Due). But it will also work with 5V boards like Arduino Uno if you use resistors to limit the current: 1K Ohm for SCE/CS pin and 10K Ohm for the other four pins. Backlight works with 3.3V. Alternatively, you could use logic level shifters like 74LVC245 instead of resistors.
    Nice display if you need more than 16x2 chars, or the ability to show graphics, for your microcontroller project. Some units may be a bit dodgy because of the rubber strip that connects the display to the board. If you get one, RMA straight away because they are difficult (impossible?) to fix.
  • Fine but not great

    posted by Atomicrox

    It works, has a backlight and is cheap.
    I *really* wish these would have circuitry on board to accept 5V without extra stuff.
    Buy it if you don't mind a scratched screen and the extra components to interface with the Arduino.
  • Good quality, easy to use

    posted by kcouckuyt

    Very impressive image quality, good readability, easy to connect to arduino using the LCD mega shield you can by here also. Use the UTFT library and just change the screen type to 'TFT01_32', and it will work! The touchscreen also works very well, you don't have to push it very hard, a light touch is sufficient.
    If you're looking for a larger screen for your diy projects, this is the one to get! You do have to use an arduino Mega to be able to use the screen, the touchscreen and SD-card reader at the same time
    Very good buy


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