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  • High quality, very useful

    posted by joe_weisman

    A great way to connect your Arduino, relay board, or any other electronic card with the rest of the world. Long enough the cut for male/female to soldered leads, as needed.
    Gotta order more of these!
    Good quality, very convenient in DIY electronics projects.
  • Useful to extend PC case led wires

    posted by UncleScrooge

    The reason I bought this, is that I had to extend the front panel led wires in my PC case to get them reach the connectors in the motherboard.I didn't want to cut and solder the wires, so I found this product, and it works for my needs quite well. The ends of this cable fit very well in both the motherboard connectors and the led wires. It is easy to separate the amount of wires you need from this. I did separate 2 pairs of black+white wires to extend 2 led wires, and saved the rest for some similar future needs.Quality looks like ok, as far as I know anything about this kind of products.
    If you use it to extend wires, you might want to make the connection more secure by putting electrical tape around it or something similar. Or maybe you can use the plastic tubes which shrink around the wire/component, when they are heated.
    It was actually kind of hard to find a product to extend the pc case led wires to motherboard, so it was a good to find this.
  • Great cable connector

    posted by caracas4921

    Very nice dupont cable. Color is usefull to identify breadbord connections. Easy to use.
    If it was cheaper I would buy much more.
    It's good to use, built and connect systems made with Arduino and Raspberry PI, for example controlling a stepper motor with Raspberry or create a system to measure distances with a HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Usefull

    posted by brambolinie1

    The cables are good quality, are easy to use and have nice colors:), I recommend these cables when you are new to the arduino just like me. They are very usefull when extending some other cables, extending 2 axis, LCD's and ultrasone sensors. The build of the cables are also pretty good for the price
    A bit more variation in length of the cables, checked them all by the way, they all work,
    great succes! I am very happy with it
  • These Wire cables did the trick for me!

    posted by nuwud

    I used these Arduino Dupont 4-Pin Male to Female Extension Wire Cables (40cm / 10-Piece Pack) to connect my DIY Arduino 3-Color RGB SMD LED Module - Black to my Arduino microcontroller without a hitch!I like that these are a little longer than my usual lead wires. That offers more flexibility for me.
    I tested these leads with my DIY Arduino 3-Color RGB SMD LED Module and it works great! I am really happy I purchased these leads.
    This was an inexpensive and good decision on my part. I am very happy with these Arduino Dupont 4-Pin Male to Female Extension Wire Cables.

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