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This is our best arduino driver, they all share a great design and great prices. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

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  • Small, cheap and good quallity

    posted by korlenn

    Great price. Small as i expected. Good quallity at this price.
    If you make an analogy between L298 and L9110, L9110 can see that the does not have enable/disable pin.In other words is simply connected to the Arduino, in my case.External power supply must be used to avoid power problems.
    Connect with an Arduino Mega (bought from DX) works very fine with 2 micromotors.
  • Worthy purchase

    posted by condorxan

    This H-bridge Motor driver works as it should. Despite some drawbacks, it does what it has to do. I used it for my differential Drive RC robot. Voltage range is quite versatile.
    Package form factor can further be reduced to save some space. The only problem I found is the heat dissipation problem due to the package form factor. PCB design can be improved with extra heat sinks.
    I'd strongly suggest this item to DIY makers and Robot hobbyists.
  • Great motor controller for arduino

    posted by GigaSan

    This controller is not only for stepper motors but can control one stepper or two regular DC motors.Protection diodes, indicator LEDs, power supply (5V and 3.3V), all are present on the board.Works perfectly with anything between 4V and 15V.Inputs need to be connected to 4 Arduino output pins.
    Based around a well known double-H bridge IC with a heat sink and a small power supply this brings all you need to control a single stepper or two DC motors with an arduino board.
    Great for kids projects, or anything you might want to do.
  • Microstepping stepper driver

    posted by chuank

    This looks to be the original EasyDriver V4.4 Stepper. That's probably the reason why the price is steeper.I like the fact that it comes without header pins unsoldered – that way I can adapt it to my project.Based on the Allegro A3967 controller. Microstepping, sleep mode, all-in-one package for bipolar motors.
    You will need to heatsink this guy to get any useful output on your steppers.Works very well with Arduino and other microcontrollers. This is a cheaper version to the newer BigEasy driver.Specifications of this board can be found here:http://www.schmalzhaus.com/EasyDriver/index.html
    If you're tired of the limitations of the L298N or ULN2003-based steppers, try these out. Way better control and microstepping functionality awaits.
  • cheapest L298N breakout board

    posted by joaopauloccajueiro

    Cheap.Works.Good build quality.The jumper for enabling onboard 5V generation is nice.Leds on the inputs are very useful for debugging.
    The 5V_EN jumper connects the 5V generated from the motor supply (VMS). If you let it open you must provide 5V to the board, either from the screw terminal or from the pin.CSA and CSB jumpers are for current sensing: the current on the motors pass through then.UR1 to UR4 are for setting pull-up resistors on the inputs. Can't see why.IN1,IN2 controls motor A.IN3,IN4 controls motor B.
    Thumbs up.

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