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arduino display module Customers Reviews

  • Nice 4 digit display.

    posted by DrJFM

    Only takes 2 wires to use. Mine was a Catalex as shown. Had seen some complaints about these devices from various sources, but no problems with this one.Used: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_-_4-Digit_Display for trial sketchs and nice timer routine too.
    Surprised how accurate a clock you get with just the UNO crystal and no correction. Wanted to do something each day at a time +/- a couple of min.If I have to adjust the "clock" once a week, no big deal.
    Ordered a couple more! Will try w ATTiny.
  • works, but with some glitches

    posted by thea427

    it is very cheapit works (nearly) out of the boxI tested it with an FPGA papilio boardcan be powered with either 5v or 3v3 voltagecan be drived by 3v3 microcontroller gpio
    leds are quite bright red, not badpcb quality seems honorable,parts assembly alsoseems like we can also chain multiple units in a daisy-chain fashion, to get more display width (untested)
    good (cheap) product, with slight issuesbut overall a good product
  • Buen kit de iniciacion.

    posted by JakoMeister

    Un kit de iniciacion muy bueno y barato. Es muy facil de soldar. No es necesario un skill avanzado de soldar. Facil de montar y conectar a un Arduino o a un Raspberry Pi. Es facil de encontrar en internet en un buscador el codigo con ejemplos para su funcionamiento. Las conexiones hembra que contiene permite reemplazar una matrix o un chip dañado con facilidad.
    Facil, bueno y practico. Un kit ideal de iniciacion de proyectos DIY en Arduino y sistemas similares.
    Buena compra a buen precio.
  • simply display... It do, what do you expect.

    posted by mhepp

    It is character display with nice blue backlight, white bright characters. If you own soldering iron, it is simple to use it with various types of microcontrolers. I have connected it to RPi.
    I have connected it via i2c to RPi, this display shows me information about temperature, time and pressure. It is bigger common display (20x4 characters)., but I have usege for bigger one.
    If you want to display, buy them...
  • Good 7 segment display

    posted by bbobthebuilder

    It's four 7 segment display units with a decimal point in one package. The LEDs in it are quite bright, about 15 to 20 mA per digit is enough to have a very luminuous display in the dark and it's still easily readable in daylight (it looks a bit pale under direct sunlight, but one could easily add more current if that's unwanted). The unit looks nice and even had a protective foil on the front side.
    The package has 6 pins on each side, with 10mil spacing in between. It can be easily used on a breadboard. I couldn't find the exact pin configuration online, but that was very easy to find out. Eight of the pins are + poles of each segment (and decimal point), four of the pins are the common - pole of a whole digit. So multiplexing is necessary. The current used is too much for regular shift registers, one can easily use PNP transistors in that case though.
    Buy this if you want to play around or need a 7 segment display. The price for a single unit is a bit high, but if you buy 3 at a time, it's very good.


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