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arduino digital Customers Reviews

  • Does what it says

    posted by joliva

    In just one component, it allows you to get measures regarding temperature and humidity. Accuracy is ok, just what description of the component said.Easy to use and comes with a cable that can be used directly with the Sensor Shield (for example) without the need of using any other extra component (resistors, etc).
    Ok for starting.
    Arduino enthusiast
  • Mostly 5v Tolerant

    posted by chuck0001

    This sensor is compatible with the Arduino environment. 1. onboard 3.3v regulator2. SCL, SDA 5v tolerant with onboard level shifter.3. SA0 connected to ground via resistor, Connect to pin 2(3.3v output) to change I2C address from 0x1C to 0x1D4. came with 2 sets of 0.100in pins, straight and 90degrees.
    The manufacture could improve the design by adding 5v level shifters to the INT1 and INT2 pins.Dalmir da Silva has created an Arduino compatible driver at https://github.com/dalmirdasilva/ArduinoAccelerometerDriver
    The Freescale MMA8452 is a very nice and inexpensive 3 axis accelerometer. You can interface it to an Arduino board using only 1 exclusive pin, the interrupt pin. By using the I2C communication built into the Adruino five wires are all that are necessary for complete function. Power(5V), Ground, SCL, SDA, INT. And if you do a little software sharing you can even share the INT pin by configuring Open Collector drive and electrically or'ing output of multible I2C devices.
  • good quality

    posted by hidaba

    good product it works perfectly and is very cheap.I connect to Raspberry Pi without problem and now I can see temperature and humidity.
    You can find istruction on Adafruit to connect to raspberry pi.The first read when I open I read a bad value
    with example on adafruit I can write temperature and humidity every hour on a excel file spreadsheet in google docs account
  • Works great

    posted by dknaack

    Nice collection of basic devices in one board, well made, open-source design, good documentation, Arduino library and example programs.
    This board is based on the SeeedStudios TickTockClock shield design, and works with the SeeedStudios Arduino library. You can also use the library that is linked from the Chinese maker's website. The URL is printed on the back of the clock board. Be sure to check out their other boards, most of which are available here on DX, I have some of their other boards, and they are all of similarly high quality.
    High quality product, great price.
  • Works great

    posted by Oxyacetylene

    Very good price for an Arduino sensor module. You can probably adjust the sensitivity but it may work fine without adjustment, depending on your needs.
    The "out" pin is normally in an on or high state. In your Arduino code you will need to monitor for that pin switching to a low state. You will probably want to also add a slight delay following the pin state read operation so it does not register multiple events every time it detects something...unless that is what you want.
    Great sensor module that works. Easy to use once you figure out the "out" pin as stated above.


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