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arduino digital sensor

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arduino digital sensor Customers Reviews

  • Sensor de temperatura muy preciso

    posted by pyro329

    Este sensor de temperatura es por mucho mas preciso que el DTH11, se instala en segundos solo basta con conectar a la protoboard y de ahi al arduino alimentarlo con 5 voltios y es todo, ya esta listo para usar y mandar informacion a nuestro arduino
    Buena relacion costo/calidad
    Gran sensor de temperatura, debes de contemplar su compra si vas a comprar sensores para tu arduino.
  • Cool Gadget

    posted by rainerb

    Very easy to use. Just touch with your finger the circles to switch it on. This gadget is something else than just a mechanical switch. That is really the better alternative. Good quality of the printed circuit board. Works with 5V DC power. I tested it with arduino.
    Can be really used for very different projects. Just let your imagination work.
    Connect to power - and here we go. Enjoy.
  • First Blood

    posted by Ch0uk4

    This Temperature sensor Module for Arduino is very easy to use. You ll need only to copy the code from the internet or if you are learning arduino, like me, you ll need this module to complete all exercises fmo the book of Arduino.
    I have nothing to say here, the product was bought and it arrived. I'm happy, because if one product arrived, the others ll arrive too.
    I bought this module to create a sensor for my room. I know that is more cheap to buy a watch with a sensor, but is more cool when you do it.
  • Works great

    posted by Oxyacetylene

    Very good price for an Arduino sensor module. You can probably adjust the sensitivity but it may work fine without adjustment, depending on your needs.
    The "out" pin is normally in an on or high state. In your Arduino code you will need to monitor for that pin switching to a low state. You will probably want to also add a slight delay following the pin state read operation so it does not register multiple events every time it detects something...unless that is what you want.
    Great sensor module that works. Easy to use once you figure out the "out" pin as stated above.
  • Good but expensive

    posted by Rockhound74

    Works as expected from DHT22 / AM2302 device.20cm cable to connect the sensor to Arduino sensor shield has been included.Note that 10k pull-up resistor is already soldered into DHT22 board, so you need no extra parts.
    see good article on Adafruit:http://learn.adafruit.com/dht/overviewyou will probably need DHT library for Arduino which is also available from Adafruit. Datasheets for DHT sensors family are also there.
    Good device for hobbyists, one sensor for the price of mini meteostation.

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