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arduino control Customers Reviews

  • Great IR contro

    posted by Hakkinator

    Works great. Sensitivity at 3m perfect, at 5m ok. On osciloscope signal clear enaugh. Worked with standart Arduino IR library righ out of box
    Great IR remote for DIY projects. Will use it for line following robot for starting and for my DIY vacumcleaning robot.
    Buy it.
  • Wonderful

    posted by Lucone67

    Items/price ratio is high, very very high: sum up all the stuff and you'll see how much you're saving!!However, the quality is good and, even no manual is present, googling is possible to find even more than needed.I was looking for a 4 wheel model and this is the cheapest I found. And it's good!Package fit to protect the containing and ppl in DX are present, professional and kind!
    As I said before, the total sum of the prices is LOT higher than 90 bucks.Package is robust and featureless ( it's a quality, since make the package passes the Custom's checks more smoothly)Customer Service ppl are patient, kind and know about their business.
    The item is a must, and good even for a newbie, since you can find LOT of help googling.If you're an expert, this is a expandible base.
  • A funny little thing!

    posted by ObiTwice

    Works nice with arduino. Quite sensitive, picks up not only the remote that follows with the package but also any other IR remote I have tried. Also pick up signals from heating sources like light bulbs and candles. Quite direction sensitive so that it can be used to orientate a robot or "sniff" IR sources.
    It is really fun to learn how to use a IR device and this is a great device to start with. I will try to use it for orientating a robot in an IR environment and maybe communicating with my raspberry pi.
    A fun and useful device.
  • Simple yet good controller module

    posted by kasperk

    * Really simple to use with Arduino or similiar platform* Reliable even when turning quickly* Works as a push button, apart from the obvious joystick function
    I've connected this to an Arduino Nano together with a 433 MHz transmitter in order to get a simple remote control unit for various robots that I build. The X and Y pins should be connected to analog input ports on the Arduino. The Z pin (which indicates whether the button is pressed or not) should be connected to a digital input port. The + pin goes to 5V port (it's possible that 3.3 works as well, but I haven't tried this) and the - pin goes to GND.
    Great module for remote controls and similiar projects, but it should've been cheaper.
  • Very good

    posted by GracileneGaleno

    Good quality, good price, the remote included send NEC codes, works perfectly with IRremote lib. The receiver works well, also compatible with IRremote lib, could receive all kinds of control that I tested, too tested with long codes (air conditioning) and worked. Easy to use kit.
    Didn't use the resistors, so I didn't tested it. But should work well too...
    A cheap and good kit, perfect to use with Arduino or Raspberry Pi, and with a IR emitter you can easily do an universal remote or control things with your phone, or PC... There are unlimited ideas with this kit.

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