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arduino breadboard Customers Reviews

  • Very useful

    posted by RVILAV

    Very small size. Fits well in breadboard. One very useful feature: double Voltage. Measured 5.1 V and 3.2 V ( without load) allowing to have both on the same breadboard. Mini USB fits correctly. It allows to obtain an V source from any PC, laptop, car adapter... etc
    I kept the black foam to isolate the pins that are not used ( outside the board) because you need something to avoid a short on these pins, by touching any conductor nearby.
  • Easy to use

    posted by FernandoSarabia

    Easy to use, and fast when using the cables on protoboards. They also save time due to the fact that you no longer need to peel cables.
    Great for students and enthusiasts, however not recommended for some professionals. If you plan the layout of your circuit prior to making the actual connections, your circuit will look pretty awesome, however if you make the connections without proper planning, the circuit might look messy due to the length of the cables. Pretty much the main cons of this product are related to the final view of the circuit, other than that the cables are perfect.
    Makes protoboard connections quick and easy.
  • perfect fit for Arduino mega

    posted by Rakkachi

    Package was very good, i ordered 2 and i received them in a individual carton each. I also bought a Arduino mega from DX a little while ago and the pins match exactly with this kit. No pins where bend during shipping. The plastic can be easily be cut if you need to.
    not sure whats the use of the small pcb. Although the holes match i cant seem to think of a way to use it but it could be i simply dont need it in my design for a 3d-led cube.
    Cheap and functional kit
  • Good for prototyping

    posted by mekkuli

    Fits perfectly Arduino UNO (as it should) and helps very much in fast prototyping.
    (cont from cons) ...but actually this helps the prototyping a lot as it has a row of 5V and another row for ground. Saves a lot of hassle with wiring.
    You need several of these when working and testing a new project. You can wire everything and then switch to another test project just by pulling out the expansion board and adding another.
  • Perfect breadboard powersupply

    posted by tnvd

    The board has two modes of power input. Through USB and through a DC barrel socket. There is a green LED to indicate the presence of power, and a latching switch to control the power to the board.Input voltage to be between 6.5~12V, or USB powered (5V). If you wish to use it to it's maximum capability you will need to remain in that range. This is a non-adjustable power supply model and the output voltages are fixed to 5V and 3.3V which is good enough for most applications. The maximum output current is stated as 700mA.Jumper pins are used for selecting the voltage levels to the breadboard.. You can choose between 5V, Off, and 3.3. There are two sets of jumper selectors for each side of the breadboard power rails. Hence you can have any combination of voltages on either rail. There are also header pins for tapping off voltages, through a cable or jumper wires.
    The MOST used breadboard powersupply.Get one !
    Excellent powersupply.The circuit itself is based on a pair of AMS1117 voltage regulators by Advanced Monolithic Systems. One is used for creating a 3.3V rail whilst the other for creating the 5V rail. These are actually quite a good make of components to be found in a SOT-223 package. Their datasheet states that this series can provide a maximum output current of 1A. The absolute maximum voltage rating is 15V at the input. Obviously you should not use these levels as this is the component rating.


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