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  • 2 Channel 5V High Level Trigger Relay Module for Arduino

    posted by Troncs

    The value is low compared with other modules of the same segment, ie 5v input with 2 relay, 28v to 250v supports in a strain of 10A.
    Can be used with a switch in parallel. Easy installation for aqules who has basic knowledge of electronics and arduino. This relay will serve 95% of the projects, taking due attention to the engines pscina.
    Plate of red and blue relay. The circuit comes with an opto-isolator which very important for this type of connection.
  • Great Arduino compatible

    posted by wheezardth

    Wonderful Arduino compatible, better in every aspect than the original Leonardo IMHO. MiniUSB cable, SPI broken out in a header, 3.3 / 5v switchable operational voltage, reliable voltage regulators that don't run hot, good quality connectors, and a neat look. What more could you want? Also, they are SO cheap.Reset button on the side. The cable is short - I actually like that.
    Ah. These guys are so cheap, I felt bad for not ordering more. Got 9 pieces for my class plus some extras, and now they're all gone.
    Better than the original Leonardo, an still cheaper. Also, white. Don't bother ordering just one, you'll want another really soon, because they are so cheap you'll be willing to leave them inside your projects.
  • A good vibration detection module

    posted by tSkye

    I managed to get this to work on the first try by parsing the values from the module to my Netduino. This works as an intended on-off vibration switch.
    I did a bit of testing to measure the values between 0 to 1023 and found that it was often either between the values of 0-100 (for off) and 900-1023 (for on) with no middle values available. I tried to do some tweaking on the potentiometer in vain.
    This would work for a vibration detection of 0 and 1, but not to measure an earthquake on a Richter scale. Still, I recommend this as a good BUY.
  • Great adaptor board

    posted by bodangles

    Fits standard and wide SOIC package up to 32 pins. A very nice feature is a bus bar at the top which allows for quick soldering/prototyping time and no fly-wires. You can connect any signal to the each bus making it customizable. The 0.1" pin spacing matches most proto-board hole spacing. Works well with Arduino or other development platforms.
    If you had a couple of small SOIC chips you could potentially put a couple on the same board.
    Great adaptor board for prototyping. I would recommend this board to anyone looking to add a SOIC chip to their through-hole design.
  • A good purchase

    posted by krejcim

    My experience is very positive, everything worked on first connection and without nemenšího problem. Dimensions and overall design exactly match, used parts are fine.Delivery was very quick to the post office in the Czech Republic.I will definitely buy many other modules and sensors Arduino
    Thanks DX for a wide range of all kinds of shields for Arduino and I'd recommend to supplement the offer as of the CAN-BUS Shieldhttp://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/canbus-shield-p-1240.html
    I recommend as a good, sensible buy for reasonable money

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