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arduino board lcd Customers Reviews

  • Useful for small projects

    posted by joliva

    Price. It includes a solution of a LCD display and control push buttons in just one module. There is no documentation but fortunately this module is very used so you can find tons of source code about how to use it.
    For professional project I would use separated components but this module is ok for testing or doing home projects.
    Arduino Entushiast
  • When taking this LCD display into use, remember to update your I2c -library

    posted by TipuFIN

    + New I2c chip is very user friendly with software options for e.g. switching backlight on/off.+ No jumper needed for background led+ new chip is very thin and requires less space compared to the old one
    After getting new lib updated, usage of this LCD and I2c chip is very nice. Very good product!
    GO and download working I2c from the link below, I got mine working after updating that lib.#include <LiquidCrystal_I2C.h> // F Malpartida's NewLiquidCrystal library//Download: https://bitbucket.org/fmalpartida/new-liquidcrystal/downloads// Move original LiquidCrystal library elsewhere, copy this in it's place
  • I love this kit!

    posted by pryke2

    Great value for the price.Don't need anything else, can use the arduino with lcd out of the box.Great community support.The analog pins can be used as extra digital pins.The buttons on the lcd are all connected to 1 analog input by different value resistors.
    Is a great idea for teaching entry level programming and circuit building.
    Definitely a good buy for someone new to micro controllers.
  • Nice display worth the $$

    posted by marcelrv

    This is a nice shield. I use it with the nano which with a few wires from the shield to the nano works fine (you only need 8 wires to make it work, 6 data + 5V & GND)Display is clear & it is working with the standard LiquidCrystal library as long as you start it with LiquidCrystal lcd(8, 9, 4, 5, 6, 7) instead of the default from the sketches (actually as I do my own wiring for the nano I could easily match it if I wanted to)
    I really would like a case where this and the keys can be visually nice be stored, rather than trying to develop myself a matching case with keys
    Well worth the money, must have if you want to display data in a nice way in your project.
  • Cheap and Easy to use.

    posted by guttih

    Easy to use Liquid crystal display and well documented on the Arduino.cc web page.
    Works without having to download any libraries for the Arduino development environment. Here is a link on how to use this display with Arduino: http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/LiquidCrystal
    A cheap way to allow your Arduino projects to communicate messages to the user without having to be connected to a computer.

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