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arduino adapter Customers Reviews

  • Great adaptor board

    posted by bodangles

    Fits standard and wide SOIC package up to 32 pins. A very nice feature is a bus bar at the top which allows for quick soldering/prototyping time and no fly-wires. You can connect any signal to the each bus making it customizable. The 0.1" pin spacing matches most proto-board hole spacing. Works well with Arduino or other development platforms.
    If you had a couple of small SOIC chips you could potentially put a couple on the same board.
    Great adaptor board for prototyping. I would recommend this board to anyone looking to add a SOIC chip to their through-hole design.
  • Works with Arduino

    posted by DorinC

    Tried together with Freaduino Pro 328 (SKU: 173878) and it worked flawlessly. The drivers installed automatically both on 32 and 64 bit Windows 7. As seen in the picture, it has a transparent plastic wrap protection. The pin markings are on both sides and visible after the connectors are inserted.
    If you want to use it at 3.3V levels, buy something else or hack it (I didn't hacked mine because I had to remove the plastic protection.
    Buy this if you want a FTDI converter to upload sketches to usb-less 5V Arduinos or if you need a USB to 5V TTL serial converter.
  • Excellent

    posted by ATrovao

    Product of excellent quality good amperage and voltage perfect for many uses in the world of robotics.
    If you intend to develop a robot that uses Arduino, or automating this home, you will need a source of good nutrition, which is a bank that supports your project, and an appropriate voltage to your Arduino. This source is ideal for you to do this with confidence, without worrying about extra fonts or anything like that.
    I needed to connect my arduino source, since I am developing a series of new projects here in my house.
  • Really good choice

    posted by Eskymak

    Good quality and overall look. Holes are big enough, no sharp edges.Metalization is holding well. Material quality is really good and board is really clean and ready for soldering. Compact design - board is small enough
    I can just recommend to everyone whos SOIC16 adapterYou cant make better choise then buying this board.
    I can just recommend to everyone whos SOIC16 adapter
  • Very useful Serial Adapter

    posted by cobra09

    This XBee Serial Adapter is a great product. The quality of the PCB and soldering can't be faulted, and it works just fine.
    I bought it to make a microcontroller communicate through XBee. This adapter is designed to interface Serial through USB OR XBee through USB, but not XBee through Serial which is what I had wanted. There is an easy fix, by swapping the Rx and Tx pins on the Serial Pins, the adapter flawlessly communicates from Serial to XBee.
    I would definitely recommend this to anybody wanting to interface between two of the three connections on this adapter, I am even considering buying more myself!

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