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arduino adapter Customers Reviews

  • Great adaptor board

    posted by bodangles

    Fits standard and wide SOIC package up to 32 pins. A very nice feature is a bus bar at the top which allows for quick soldering/prototyping time and no fly-wires. You can connect any signal to the each bus making it customizable. The 0.1" pin spacing matches most proto-board hole spacing. Works well with Arduino or other development platforms.
    If you had a couple of small SOIC chips you could potentially put a couple on the same board.
    Great adaptor board for prototyping. I would recommend this board to anyone looking to add a SOIC chip to their through-hole design.
  • review

    posted by galaden

    it works normally like any kind of power adapter, and fits perfectly in my Arduino and from now on i don´t have to always connect my Arduino to a computer .
    I had no problems so far, and i don´t expect having one .
    it´s a useful product if you don´t want to have your Arduino always connected to USB and don´t want to use a battery all the time .
  • Handy and cheap device for all your USB-Serial conversion needs

    posted by udragger

    Cheap, works great, can interface with 3.3V and 5V MCUs, includes cables to connect to your board.
    Don't connect the power lines, this thing is powered from USB.
    Unbeatable price and a perfect solution to connect your Arduino or similar board to the PC for debugging or data transfer.
  • Perfect for Arduino use

    posted by Simonetti2010

    This is a great little USB to Serial adapter, ideal to use with Arduino, even in breadboard assemblies.The 3.3V and 5.0V pins work very well and are within 2% of the spec voltage, which is great.There are LEDs for TX and RX.Other users have reported problem with the DTR pin, but mine worked flawlessly: all that it needs is a 10uF ceramic capacitor between the DTR pin and the Arduino RST pin (pin 1 in the Atmega328). Also, the RST pin needs to be kept high using a 4K7 (anything between 4K7 and 10K will work) resistor between +5V and the RST pin.For breadboard arduino, the breadboard's power supply can be taken from the USB adapter.However, it cannot supply more than 500mA, but the ideal is to keep the current at 350mA max.
    Like I said: The DTR line works very well, but it needs a 10uF ceramic capacitor between it and the Arduino RESET pin, which must be kept high.Also, this device works very well with Win7 64-bits and appears to Windows (and the Arduino IDE) as a VCP (virtual COM port), in my case COM8.It cannot be used for bootloading brand-new Atmega chips, but once chips have been bootloaded, it can be used for transfering sketches.
    If you need a small, compact, no-hassle, easy to use programmer, get this.
  • Excellent

    posted by ATrovao

    Product of excellent quality good amperage and voltage perfect for many uses in the world of robotics.
    If you intend to develop a robot that uses Arduino, or automating this home, you will need a source of good nutrition, which is a bank that supports your project, and an appropriate voltage to your Arduino. This source is ideal for you to do this with confidence, without worrying about extra fonts or anything like that.
    I needed to connect my arduino source, since I am developing a series of new projects here in my house.


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