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  • Perfect!

    posted by vinicaog

    Easy to use.Works out of the Box.Nice Package.Very cheap and good build quality.Can find several tutorials on the internet.Comes with the 9V 1A power supply.Comes with the antena.You can use the hardware serial and software serial by just changing some jumpers.Led activity is very good
    If you like arduino or any kind of microcontroller, this item is perfect. You can learn alot from this Shield and take your projects to another level.Its easy to get data from internet, send SMS and make phonecalls, you can use the RTC and the super capacitor to keet date and time.The cellphone antena is very good, and get high signal,the power supply is great and have 1A.
    DX have the best price for this kind of item.It can be used with any microcontroler or even with your computer serial port USART
  • I2C LCD adapter board

    posted by JBSchueler

    Works great. Easy to install and works with the HD44780 chip. Driver seems to work ok and have this product used already in several projects of mine.
    The LED on the back shouldn't have been mounted. It's a bright red led and for me a bit annoying .
    Great product for a good price.I will use this product for every project where I use an LCD.
  • Works like a charm

    posted by Tixhyl

    It just works, does what it should do. Has a nice design, usb jack is long enough. Comes with the handy cables to attach an Arduino or other microcontroller or serial device. Power indicator (red), Transmit (green) and Receive (orange).
    It's a cheap, good looking and working usb to serial converter, can be used for microcontrollers but remember, it has no reset line.
    Definitely recommendable for all those who are looking for a cheap usb to serial converter!
  • perfect adapter

    posted by marcelo123

    Works perfect.As allways there are not instructions.I made it work my Arduino nano 3.0 y I will tell you some hints:(1) About de Pins : Pin "+": connect to 3.3v ( it seems to work with 5v too ), Pin "-": Connect to ground, Pin "d"(data): connect to pin 4 of the Arduino, Pin "c"(clock): connect to pin 5 of the Arduino.OBS: Pins 4 and 5 of Arduino are special. They are used by de I2C protocol of the "Wire" library.
    (Hint 2) About the code : The "inicialization" rutine is diferent for original Nunchuk and the alternative Nunchucks:The following are routines inside the .h routine (ex. "wiichuck.h")(2.1) Inicialization for Original Nunchuck :void nunchuck_init(){ Wire.begin(); // join i2c bus as master Wire.beginTransmission(0x52);// transmit to device 0x52 Wire.write(0x40);// sends memory address Wire.write(0x00);// sends sent a zero. Wire.endTransmission();// stop transmitting}(2.2) Inicialization for Alterntive Nunchuks: ( http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/WiiChuckClass )void nunchuck_init(){ Wire.begin(); Wire.beginTransmission(0x52); Wire.write(0xF0); Wire.write(0x55); Wire.endTransmission(); delay(1); Wire.beginTransmission(0x52); Wire.write(0xFB); Wire.write((uint8_t)0x00); Wire.endTransmission(); }
    I recommned it
  • Very useful

    posted by RVILAV

    Very small size. Fits well in breadboard. One very useful feature: double Voltage. Measured 5.1 V and 3.2 V ( without load) allowing to have both on the same breadboard. Mini USB fits correctly. It allows to obtain an V source from any PC, laptop, car adapter... etc
    I kept the black foam to isolate the pins that are not used ( outside the board) because you need something to avoid a short on these pins, by touching any conductor nearby.


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