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arduino 5v Customers Reviews

  • wrong voltage 3.3v not 5v

    posted by insane2k

    - it is really cheap for what it is, and compared to buying something like this locally. - it works well- no flux, good joints
    im lucky i didnt blow my unit up with the 5V FDTI supplying 5v straight onto the VBUS pin. i was using a voltage divider to measure a battery with the arduino and the calculations werent coming out correctly - stumped me for a day until i checked the voltage.*** before you use your unit, power it with 9V on the VIN and GND, then measure the 5V pin and check its supplying 5V or 3.3V.
    my unit worked on 5V, but would have likely blown quickly if i didnt pick this up. im happy to keep, just pitty there isnt better QA at DX to stop this.the only flaw with this item is the 5V label on its belly - pending further research on the regulater and amtel chip.
  • Cheaper than just the relay

    posted by CGarces

    It's very cheap.In my country it's more cheaper that buy just the relay in a local store.Works perfect WITHOUT Arduino.I use it to switch on/off one external HDD with the +5V from the USB. Has a protective circuit so I don't need a diode, just connect it to the usb cable from SKU 48933 and works!
    I use it stand alone, without Arduino. Consider buy it if you need a simple 5V relay.
    Check also other Arduino modules. If you can use it standalone, it's cheaper than assembly the components by yourself.
  • Good price but lower quality

    posted by Andrebureau99

    Very good price, low foot print, can be put to use with arduino or other type of CI. I like the way the inputs of the relay are on terminals, can be installed on standard small metal stands. Because of the price I prefer to use this unit unstead of a multiple one so if I had to make a change it's not a big deal. For myself I like the color it add to my project.
    Still, will purchase again but always two units or more so I can accept to have one defect.
    Nothing for now.
  • Good for Proto and maybe production

    posted by TimTheEngineer

    - Includes screw through mouts for mounting to a chassis or project board- Very cheap to include two relays, PCB, headers, and driver circuits.- Very simply wiring because of screw terminals- Does come in a small anti-static bag
    If you can run a meter and need a simple 2CH relay circuit you would be hard pressed to build this for less not to mention the time it would take.For a Proto it's a no brainer, buy two.
  • Does what it has to do

    posted by Bartjakobs

    This relay simply connects to a digital output of an arduino. When set to high, the relay will switch.
    It looks like the input has to be low (0v) to switch the relay, but I could be wrong. If you want to buy this and you won't find a manual or something, you should search for simple relay manuals and look what pins of the relay correspond to what pins on the module
    If you need to switch your light or hair dryer, this could be the solution!


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