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arduino 4 channel

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arduino 4 channel Customers Reviews

  • Costs less than the individual components

    posted by spookydonut

    All the joints are well soldered, no dry or cracked joints.Terminals for the relays are marked NO/NC on the silkscreening.The circuit design is pretty robust, with the external power supply for driving the relays, you only need a few milliamps to switch all the way up to 10A 250VAC or 30V DC.
    If you don't like or need this specific circuit and want to spin your own, expect to pay ~$20 for the relays alone.
    Use it or strip it for parts, either way this is a great value purchase.
  • good quality, great value

    posted by joe_weisman

    Has full electronics loaded, including opto-isolators, amplifiers and cute indicator LEDs. Nice connector terminals.Worked great out of the box.Just right for Arduino, no need for additional power feed for operation.
    Hooked it up and flashed a 220V 60W light like crazy for a couple of hours - no problem. Nice loud clicking too, if you don't mind the noise.
    Great buy.
  • I could not make this for the price

    posted by blazeit

    Good build quality. Good soldering and component placement.Small size and has mounting holes in the PCB.Driving circuit contains flywheel diodes to protect the transistors.The tracks are well insulated so there is a very low shock hazard when wired to mains voltage.It came packaged in an anti-static bag.
    I think the relays might be on the light side for switching heaters or motors that have a high initial current draw.
    Excellent product for the price.
  • Solid piece of kit

    posted by mattura

    A good quality build, which is solidly constructed. There are LEDs to show power and when each relay is switch on. It has a nice 'click' when the relays toggle. It works out of the box with arduino nano and other devices I'm sure. You can connect to outputs Normally Open or use the other slot for Normally Closed
    Also good that four screw holes are drilled to attach it to something.
    A good cheap set of 4 relays, easy to connect and use.
  • Works fine

    posted by tylernt

    Standard 4-channel relay board. Has transistors for the relay coils, and flyback diode protection. Relays close on HIGH signal, just as you would expect.
    Board draws 3mA with no relays closed. Each relay coil draws about 80mA when activated. Red "power" indicator, green relay indicators.
    Not sure what more I can say about it? It's a standard 4-channel relay board.

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