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arcade joystick Customers Reviews

  • not perfect but good enough

    posted by damaguz

    While is not the best controller in the market, this one is a solid joystick to build a arcade controller, mid-range price for a arcade Joystick (there is another from DX cheaper than this one, but is not that expensive as a sanwa.-)
    ok, i do not own the SKU 37485 (yet) but i do have SKU 26910 which its joystick is exacly the same (al least in pictures) to SKU 37485, so let me tell you this stick is better than the one SKU 26910 have, it migh not be as good as sanwa but the price is fair enough to get it.-
    if sanwa and seimitsu are gold
    happ competition is silver
    this one is a very solid bronze
    but this are just my preferences.-
  • Excellent product at a good price

    posted by clessx

    The stick has a beautiful design. The parts are brand Qanba quality and size of the stick is ideal for carrying anywhere.
    I am a regular player of Street Fighter 4 and in this stick I get everything or that I normally would come out with one full Sanwa 100% recommend for noobs and pro players in any fighting game.
    Buying this, the price and the beauty of the stick are worth.
  • zipper

    posted by zipperbg

    The Price and the build quality are great.The Arcade Joystick is heavy and solid made.It doesn't look like it will stick or have problems for some time.The items arrived very well packaged.The stick looks exact like the original arcade machines.
    I bought two pcs for my Mame arcade cabinet and everyone works perfectly.Works fine and feels like Arcade Joystick should feel.I have made a fully working arcade controller with these sticks
    If you want solid and cheap Joystick for your arcade cabinet or controller buy these.

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