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aquarium air pump

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aquarium air pump Customers Reviews

  • It does the job

    posted by tkakl

    It's cheap and it does what it supposed to do.The whole thing is very flexible, so you can make it whatever shape you like. Bubble holes all around the tube, covers a good range of area.
    Different colour options might help some people.
    It's cheap and it works perfectly. It doesn't contain any deadly chemical materials - none of my fish has died yet since I put this in the tank.
  • Big but powerfull

    posted by victorkarpil

    High air flow.Two air ports.Each air port is adjustable.Very high and very low air flow available.Noise canceling rubber legs.Optional to hang it on the wall, has a special rubber ring for that.
    A wort to buy when having two aquariums or one very big fish aquarium.
    Even though didnt come in ideal shape, its really worth the price, powerful, not too noisy, worth the money.
  • good quality and quite air pump

    posted by webnavard

    never hear any noise from it workingadjustable air flow of pumpgood red light for the nighteasy installationyou can stick it to the side or at the bottom if you want3 position of light installationit creates little air bubbles
    you can used it 24 hours a day and it work fine
    I had an old air pump and it has lots of noise and when I buy this one I can sleep well at night cause it has no sound at all and the fishes can rest because it wont create a big bubble and it's very good for them too.my aquarium dept is about 40cm and it works fine under that dept of water
  • Cheap, small bubles, not falling apart.

    posted by victorkarpil

    Sturdy material, doesnt fall apart like the other stones i found in the market and online.Very small bubles from all the surface (it may take some time to the stone to work ideally and make bubbles on all the surface so make it work 10 minutes on half of the pumps power before worrying)
    You may need to rinse (wash) the stone with warm water before putting it in the aquarium because it may release some sand particles so you should not be worried about your pumps and ect.
    worth the money, it is pretty hard to get them for that price and that quality. not ideal premium stones but do the job and dont fall apart.
  • Good product

    posted by rikne5

    I have to say i surprised how silent it is, if you have it in cabinet or something you don't hear the pump. It has good rubber legs to prevent that buzzz and brrrr sound when it stands on the table. Tried hang whith rubberband to make it more silent but had no effect to the noise level.Power of the airpump is great. it makes much bubbles with 2cm round airstone
    I use it to grow chili peppers in deepwater culture.it's nice to have very silent aguarium pump. Airstone makes more noise than a pump. If you want to control airflow just use a ziptie? on the airhose or use somekind valve. REMEMBER!!! if you put pump under the aquarium or where you ever use it. you have to get backup valve to line. If you don't have it and pump goes off there's a change that the water comes out from aquarium to your livingroom. I don't know the right word to that happening but google translator says it's "siphon" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siphon
    If you want silent airpump buy this!

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