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apple macbook battery

This is our best apple macbook battery, they all share a great design and great prices. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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apple macbook battery Customers Reviews

  • Excellent replacement

    posted by sadranyc

    * The battery is just like the original* Fits perfectly inside a Macbook Air Late 2011* Works and gives just about the same capacity as the original* Much cheaper than getting the original replacement through Apple
    In January I dropped a glass full of water on top of my Macbook Air. After letting it dry for a couple of days, I turned it on and it had survived, but the battery was toast. Getting a replacement through Apple would have been impossible as they'd have to change my motherboard as it was soaked and a new battery is about 400 USD in my country. This battery saved my Macbook and let it run for a little longer.
    Buy it if you can replace it yourself or can access someone that can replace it, if you have got an out of warranty macbook, or did something to it that can't be covered by the warranty.Otherwise, take it to the Apple store.
  • Usefull replacement battery

    posted by flnlwea8fw4

    - Works good, - very good price,- snaps in place as original,- does not overheat, - charge is reported correctly,- provides good 2.3 - 3.5 hours of charge on my MacBookPro (2008) even with high current drain (see enclosed screen capture)
    Came well protected in foam and cardboard box, as well as electrically conductive bag.I would appreciate that at the max. capacity is reported correctly. Please see photo for details.
    Alhought the max charge is smaller than advertised, this product works ok, and is (in general) worth the money. "Original" and similar replacement batteries provide 20-30% more charge for 100-1000% more money.
  • Original and a great price

    posted by hangyong

    The battery is actually the actual stuff that you are getting from a Apple repair center.Price is about half, compared to sending in to Apple for repair. If we add in the labour, that is like a third the price.Comes properly sealed with anti static bag and actual Apple parts packaging.With serial numbers.Recognised as the actual original battery from Apple.The mAh is larger than the actual 5770mAh.Reads as 0 cycle.Internal temperature when charging is of acceptable temperature.
    saving me a whole lot of money, although the waiting time is a little long.Now my MBP does not turn off suddenly and all the dates are reset when it happens.I can feel that the MBP is more stable now.
    best buy is a long time.
  • Best cheap battery replacement out there!

    posted by hvico

    Very cheap yet useful replacement. The original battery costs maybe three times its price.It looks fine, almost identical to the original.It even has the charge status button and lights.
    The manual says the battery should never be fully discharged (to less than 3% the total charge), so I use an app called low battery saver to warn me. http://lowbatterysaver.com/Had 2 original Apple batteries and they bloated after a couple of years (curving my MBP and making the trackpad unusable), so original does not mean such a quality warranty on this particular item.
    Recommended replacement, you can buy 3 or 4 of these for the price of an original battery, and replace it every year (to prevent testing that scary "2 year" limit).MBP runs at a third of its speed with no battery inserted, so it is important to have a replacement in stock at home.
  • Great price - value

    posted by rockahh

    This battery is way cheaper than the original from apple.
    Does wat it has to do.
    Although the battery is less in quality than the original one from apple, I would rather buy this one. You can buy 3 of these instead of the orinigal one from apple. So you would do probably longer with these batteries.

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