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  • Car UV Protection Rain Resistant Cover

    posted by Zamkadom

    In the heat really helps in the car the day after standing in the sun in a case, it is tolerated in the cabin and you can just go as snimesh case.
    Orders executed promptly.
    Now the cars, which I took. Ideal for LADA KALINA came up (2009 onwards) Overall assessment of the quality comparable to the price .....
  • Very good case

    posted by rgago73

    Very lightweight and well-protected soft case for electronics and other delicate items. The case is waterproof (also the zipper clousure) and I am surprised o its good quality. Similar products from well-known outdoors brands would cost at least three times more.
    I like the colour (black) but maybe a larger variety of colours would help to sort and identify the stored items.
    I would really recommend to purchase this item.
  • God Value for the Money

    posted by EdonPiell

    1. Very light material allowing for very compact folding when not in use.2. Breathing material allowing for heat dispersion3. Big enough for an S.U.V 4x44. Side-Mrror sleeves to fix it against blowing wind5. Easily washable6. Strong material to endure repetitive streching7. Silver color to deflect sun heat radiation
    Very Good protection against dust, bird excrements and street dirt when no closed shelterfor the car is available.
  • Great winter gloves

    posted by prolcam

    Price is very interesting for such kind of gloves. They are really warm, comfortable, stylish, and look like they had costed 3 times more. Up to now I have used them while riding my bicycle and playing tennis. The effect on your grip is almost unnoticeable, as they have almost no padding.
    The zipper is quite useful to get a better adjustment to your hand. I don't know if the WINDSTOPPER tag is real or not. The feel is rather like thin neoprene rather than WS. Whatever the fabric is, what I can tell you is that for the price, you won't get anything better.
    They got delivered just in time for the winter season, and for the time being, they have performed as expected.
  • I came back to get another.

    posted by stalemate

    - Keeps dust, water, direct sunlight away from the bike it covers.- Discreet color.- Large enough to fit over a small scooter. We use it for mountain bikes.
    - On a particularly blustery day, we saw one of the covers take off in the wind through our front window. It was sheer chance (or a fluke of weather patterns) that a few minutes later we saw it coming back and get entangled at the base of a tree in front of the same window. It was recovered, un-damaged, and put back into action. We've been left wondering what type of adventures it had during those few minutes...
    - Still, great price makes this a no-brainer.

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