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anti theft lock Customers Reviews

  • Decent enough lock for low crime areas

    posted by lauwailap

    -The lock is long enough to go around a wheel and a large lampost.-It seems sturdy enough.-It is flexible in the way you can thread the lock through almost any part of the bike.-Lots of different locking applications.
    If you've ever bought a lock for a computer, it's similar to that in the way it threads through the metal bolt piece.If you live in a moderate crime area, you may consider buying two. One for the front wheel.If you live in a high crime area, just buy a Kryptonite D Lock.
    For me, living in a small village/town. It's perfect. Robust enough to deter a thief.
  • All purpose lock

    posted by AZigmund

    Excellent value for money. I use it on motorcycle in order to secure helmet or jacket on the motorcycle when I am away. So far I have noticed.- good flexibility- easy to lock and unlock- smooth surface so it does not damage the material- sufficient length
    The numbers are a little bit hard to turn from start 0. From there they turn smooth.
    The lock is very versatile in use and user-friendly. I would recommend the purchase of this item if you need a wire lock that does cost a lot.
  • Great little lock

    posted by Bochtenkoning

    It is a great little lock that can protect your motorcycle / moped from thieves. It is small enough to fit in your pocket of attach to any surface on your vehicle. It does not weigh much (very light actually) and comes with a holder that you can bolt onto your motorcycle / moped or whatsoever.
    I use this lock when I want to lock my motorcycle quickly and I am in the neighbourhood. If I want to leave it unguarded for a longer time like overnight I use the one with alarm built in (SKU 72508)Also a small cable that remembers you that a brakedisc lock is mounted would be nice. But then again, that would cost money too and this would not be cheap anymore.
    Great little lock, good enough to quickly protect your motorcycle for a short while. Would not buy it as a stand-alone lock, always with another lock.
  • Simple but useful

    posted by Herrys12

    I have already made by my self, but the cost is expensive. This one is working properly, with a nice price and good finishing.
    Do not let any one see your hidden touch point. Disguise you touch point, so anyone do not recognize you initialization step before start you motorcycle.
    Orange = After contact switchBlack = (-) NegativeGrey = Touch pointPink = Pulse line
  • Great Lock!

    posted by mponomarev

    - Seems to be very strong!- I can't even imagine how it can be broke without motorcycle wheel disassemble.- Looks great and matches any motorcycle style and type.- Comes with three keys.- A little bit heavy but due to int's function this can be only a pro of this device!
    If you are going to buy this item consider about buying a reminder for it! (I've got one here, on DX)Coz you will not be satisfied with the broken brakes when you will forget to unlock... So it will need some attention!
    Great product, I'm fully satisfied with it's quality and function!

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