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You will be surprised our best anti static with an artful design and an amazing price. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

anti static Customers Reviews

  • Great product

    posted by Comeq

    This is a very nice eye shade for those who have trouble sleeping with any light on, it fits okay around the head and it is not too tight, the material feels simple but it does what it is supposed to, it does not let the light in and you can barely feel it while using it
    Perfect for those who travel a lot on buses, trains or planes, this eye shade can give you a nice sleeping experience
    Very good purchase, I recommend it
  • bom preço e leves

    posted by lemos37

    the gloves are light and fine. they do not damage the work with the hands. now only I work in componetes electronic with these gloves. so I guarantee security in my work of maintenance of computers.
    I think that they should have models of different sizes.
    the antistatic gloves are important in the maintenance of computers. they are cheap and they protect the electronic components. they all must have if to be needed to move inside the computer.
  • Very high quality

    posted by cheesepuff12

    The build quality of this item is very good. When you hold it you can tell it is made of very good material and the best part is that its anti static AND ESD safe. I needed that because when i build computers i sometimes drop a screw in a hard to reach place, so this thing helps be pick it back up again
    I would highly recommend these to anyone who needs a pair.
    I am glad i got these things. very satisfied.
  • manager

    posted by redsquare

    Great for removing dust, as well as small particles or debris from the crevices of devices and remote places. Has antistatic effect, which allows not to worry about the closure of electronic devices or circuit boards.As convenient to use for cleaning of mobile phones and TV remote control or other
    This brush can safely recommend the masters in the service centers, as well as those people. who often uses such
  • Good tweezers for SMD soldering

    posted by calmar

    - Coating gives good grip. - Good build quality, feels solid. - Good size, lies well in the hand. - Perfect for handling SMD components. - ESD protected (at least it says so). - Comes with a plastic tip protector tube.
    I use them when soldering surface-mount components. Very good for picking upp small electronic components and holding them steady while soldering. The fine tips makes handling 0603 sized components simple.
    A very good tool, especially considering the price.

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