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You will be surprised our best anti static with an artful design and an amazing price. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

anti static Customers Reviews

  • Professional tool quality

    posted by Otta321

    This Tweezers has a refined finish assembly.
    For those working with micro devices using a microscope it is perfect.
    The angle of touch of tips is precisely aligned, when more force is applied it does not twist, avoiding that the item is thrown.
    I used to strip conformal coating (RTV) and the result was surprising, I ease removed everything.
    Even with 20x magnification is not observed for failure finishing tips.
    Use with chemicals like isopropyl alcohol, acetone and benzene did not cause signs of corrosion (waited two months to make this review to be sure).
    The dispersal and accumulation of electrostatic charge (ESD) in the environment was very close to zero, without causing risk to electronic components.
    This Tweezers is for delicate work with extremely small objects, if this is your goal you can buy without a doubt.
    It´s the best thing that I get from DX.
  • Excellent choice for the right price, but size very small

    posted by rcolom

    These are textile gloves, and are very inexpensive. Probably durable too. I only have used them to keep objects clean of fingerprints (not for electronic purposes), and they are alright. It comes with 2 pairs!
    I definitely will buy them again if I need them...
    If you need textile gloves, these are definitely a good buy --if your hans are not too big.
  • easy to use

    posted by alclonky

    Easy to use, works nicely, very small, you hardly see the red light because the duration of unloading is very short, but its more a pro than a con.
    this thing as a ring whould be nice, so you don't have to search for the keychain for static removal. its to small for not putting on a keychain
    very useful gadget for low price, get one if you a using you pc often, or want to get sure not to get a shock when touching metal housings.
  • Comprador Brasileiro

    posted by eliziomedeiros

    A pulseira é bem resistente, é ajustavel e o cabo tem um tamanho muito bom não atrapalha no trabalho, a presilha na ponta do cabo fixa muito bem sem perigo de soltar, o cabo tambem pode ser trocado, gostei.
    Uma peça fundamental para quem trabalha na area de informatica, para efetuar troca de componentes sensíveis como processadores, memórias etc.
    Satisfação garantida, com certeza uma ótima aquisição, aconselho tembem o testador de fonte com lcd e uma placa de diagnótico.
  • For coins

    posted by Elfolay

    It is inexpensive, easy to use. I got to handle coins and bills. Once the material is bamboo, the chance of scratching or damaging the the coin or note is low. If it was metal, would damage the coin. Buy it! It helped a little with some gems too, despite being easier to slip.
    If you deal with numismatic (coins or bills) I would recommend. It is to be an item in case of need, mainly by price. Buy it!
    Buy it!


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