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anti static tweezers Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by DjChoping

    - English / Inglés:
    Good quality construction, the material that is made seems strong, durable and is completely anti-static. Termination is a very good little point with which you hold hair up. May take several utilities even though I only use computers plates to remove or replace the battery or small devices. It is exactly what I was looking but I thought it was smaller.
    - Español / Spanish:
    Buena calidad de construcción, el material con que está hecho parece fuerte, duradero y es completamente anti-estático. La terminación es una muy buena punta con la cual podrás sostener hasta un cabello. Podrán darle varias utilidades aunque yo la utilizo solamente en placas de computadoras para extraer o colocar la pila o dispositivos pequeños. Es justamente lo que andaba buscando aunque pensé que era más pequeño.
    - English / Inglés:
    It could be cheaper and slightly larger opening, perhaps between 1.5 cm to 2 cm. Also finer part of which is held to 0.5 cm would be fine for the product does not lose rigidity.
    Again I say that is completely anti-static, I tried hard and I put in a plug for 220 volts and gave no current or inconvenience caused.
    - Español / Spanish:
    Podría ser más barato y un poco más amplia la abertura, tal vez entre 1,5 cm a 2 cm. También más fina la parte de donde se sostiene, 0,5 cm estaría muy bien para que el producto no pierda rigidéz.
    Vuelvo a decir que es completamente anti-estático, lo probé al máximo y lo puse en un enchufe de 220 volts y no dió corriente ni causó inconvenientes.
    - English / Inglés:
    Buy but before you remember that the measurements are 11.5 cm high, the opening is 1 cm and width is 1.1 cm at the widest part (where the fingers are supported).
    Buy it, is a good product, could be a little cheaper but even so the price is right because of good quality.
    - Español / Spanish:
    Cómprelo pero antes recuerde que las medidas son 11,5 cm de alto, la abertura es de 1 cm y el ancho es de 1,1 cm en la parte más ancha (donde se apoyan los dedos).
    Cómprelo, es un buen producto, podría valer un poco menos pero así mismo el precio está bien debido a la buena calidad del producto.
  • Lightweight tweezers

    posted by Diehard47

    Well finished lightweight tweezers. Useful for many purposes where well made plastic anti-static tweezers are needed, for example soldering components, moving sterilized particles, handling medicines, picking up things wich are unknown etc.
    Comes single packed, thought not sterilized. Works fine for the purpose they are made for. No complaining. For heavy use buy metallic tweezers, not these.
    Elastic, plastic anti-static tweezers. Worth the price, maybe even more. Just what the description promised.
  • Very handy to have.

    posted by drewcrosby

    Inexpensive.Good selection of tips for every use.Lightweight plastic is good for electronics use.Won't scratch PCBs or electronics parts.Won't rust.Comes in a nice resealable bag that has a loop for a lanyard/carabiner.Tips all seem to be nicely aligned and have no production flaws.
    I'm pretty surprised with the quality of these. I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it is. If any of these ever break (doubtful), I'll definitely order more.
    If you work with electronics or other delicate things, these are a must-have. For this price, they're worth buying just to have anyway.
  • Nice original product

    posted by ben1680

    Original product from Hozan, build quality are superb.
    This is a very good product from Hozan. The manufacturing tolerance are good. The only drawwback is that the picture are different compared to actual product. The product that I receive have a greyish black color, compared to greyish white plastic appeared in the picture. It still looks ok though. Price can be cheaper, but DX offer one of the cheapest price available after shipping, compared to any other site I come across.
    Nice quality product.
  • Tweezers

    posted by lehtonen

    These are really really nice tweezers. But I think I made a mistake in understanding what they are for. These are not at all useful for using as grooming tweezers. They are for something else. Like working with electronics. In that regard, they are excellent. I mean QUALITY. They meet up well, are very fine and pointed. They look really professional.
    I'd hate to get stabbed with one of these. They are SHARP!
    If you need them for electronic work, or something like that - then they are excellent.Grooming - NO

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