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anti slip mat

You can buy cheap anti slip mat from us. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. anti slip universal and anti slip iphone are the hottest keywords that customer use. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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anti slip mat Customers Reviews

  • Very good sticky pad

    posted by Muddassir

    Holds on heavy materials (7" tablet, PSP) as long as the interaction surface is sufficient. If dirty, a simple wash with water restores the pad into original stickyness.
    It takes a while after washing it with water to get it's stickyness back and at first use it smell well... tire-ish. But eventually the smell will go away.
    Knew about this pad, it costs more than triple at local retailers. It's every carowner's must have pad, even just for the fun of it.
  • great cheap antislip mat

    posted by fifik87

    Cheap great size, not too big, not too smallworks as expected.
    when I put it into my car, I thought that will not work and my money goes away, because the mat can be easily moved, so it looks like piece of paper or something like that. But when I put things onto this mat, everything remains on its position. nothing moves, nor mobile phones, nor glasses.I put two mobile phones on one mat and no problems when breaking or accelerating
    I'll buy another one if I lost one of these. And I suggest to buy at least two of them (one for sunglasses and one for mobile phone(s))
  • A bit expensive, but very useful

    posted by DervishD

    Incredibly useful to have the phone looking at you.Very light and solid.Looks good!Versatile, works for many sizes of phones and you have the charger plugged because of the shape of the stand.Very anti slip, graps onto the phone and onto the table.Very high building quality.Very intelligent design, allows cables to run through the stand.
    It's big enough for a 5" phone, or even a 7" tablet, but I don't think it's solid enough for something bigger/heavier.
    All things considered, not a bad purchase, but DX should lower the price of this. Then again, there's no comparable stand (in my humble opinion) in the entire site so maybe the price is worth the pain!
  • anti slip mat for the dashboard of your car

    posted by rikislief

    these anti slip mats are very cheap. they stick almost anything to your dashboard, without having to fear it falling down. The mats don't even have to be horizontal, even sloped they stick very good. Phones, gps systems, coffee mugs, car keys, lighters, anything sticks to these mats.
    If i had two cars, i would buy another set.
    Buy this when you own a car, if you don't own a car, these little mats almost would make it worth buying a car for.
  • does one thing perfectly - holding your phone

    posted by socokev

    simple to usewill fit any phone vertical and horizontalyou could get two or even more phones on at once as a desk tidysticks to smooth desktops thanks to silicone base
    simple design does what it is supposed to doIt doesn't try too hard to simply hold a phone at correct viewing angle - either horizontal or vertical
    no reason at all not to buy one - if a desktop phone holder is what you need then this does the job admirably

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