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anti collision Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product

    posted by betocosme

    Effective and relatively easy to use. I used in a few corners, the adhesive included fits very good in some different kind of materials and surfaces. Very useful for a variety of purposes. It's well padded so even if you hit the anti-colision strip hard you can't be hurt
    Easy to handle and use
    I recommend this product, its quality is very good and its useful to protect corners for kids and it is also a good buffer when you have something that is susceptible to be hitting another material (I used it in my headboard)
  • Translucent corner guard

    posted by Korkonen

    Great product with a simple and elegant design to protect a child from those sharp corners often found in tables, drawers, etc. The translucent clear color helps that the corner protector does not stand out too much. The plastic seems soft enough, but at the same time tough / resistent.
    I can recommend this product, it is a good buy.
    This is a great product for parents with small children / babies. Cover the sharp corners to prevent damage.
  • Perfect protection for edges, especially with children

    posted by oskrki

    Perfect protection for edges, especially with children. When this protection remains placed any edge remains protected against blows. If you have small children it is perfect in order that they do not become polite before any blow.
    It is perfect for the edges of the bed, radiators (though maybe if you have a very high temperature in the radiators they could take off or create damages in the material) ... in general any edge that could be a danger or that goes or could take blows.
    As already perfect charm for whom they have small children, where any edge can be a danger, especially when they are small and begin to climb and walk.
  • Good quality, but not so easy to install

    posted by Animov

    Good manufacture quality. Reasoably soft and flexible. Nice 3M double sided sticking tape are in complect. It is one of the very few bumpers on market which is possible to use on car of any colour.
    As this bumpers are glued only from inside, it is likely what dirt will go between car body and this transparent plastic.
    Good product, but price could be a little cheaper.
  • very good quality! but could be longer or cheaper

    posted by bilal85

    it's thick so it can absorb any bump from a baby! even if it was a strong one!the dark color looks good with my table! and it is pretty easy to install to a table!
    other than the price i can't find any problem with this product! i hit the table were i put the cushion, and i couldn't feel any pain! so if i can't feel anything the baby won't either! so that's pretty safe!
    i love the product! if you don't care much about the price! this is a most definitely a very good purchase!


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