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antenna signal Customers Reviews

  • Great for the price

    posted by Hemingray

    Works VERY well in low signal areasWorks just fine with the Verizon Wireless USB760 EVDO modem (you will need the FME pigtail for it)Can be stuck to a window for best reception (the included suction cup can be screwed in the bottom or the side of the unit)
    Why spend a ton of money on an external antenna for your aircard? Just grab one of these, and the appropriate pigtail adapter for your device. These really are more suited for aircards and USB modems than actual handsets, although it should work with those too. I am not sure if this will function reliably on iDEN devices (Nextel, SouthernLinc)
    Beats the magnetic based antennas I bought on ebay awhile back.
  • Good signal booster

    posted by KIKOLINO

    It really improve cell phone signal. I have a 3G Iphone. I had problems with signal inside my office. Before, the signal was 1 to 2 bars, and very often signal was lost. Now, the signal is 3 to 4 bars and never lose signal.
    Good cost benefit. Tjhe price is reasonable, and the product is well constructed.
    I recommend.
  • Works OK with Finish dvb-t broadcast

    posted by liljankukka

    Small and good looking antenna with a good magnet at the bottom. Works just fine even inside my living room closet. Made with good materials.I use it to watch Finish dvb-t and it works just fine.
    Only works with tv (does not have a radio plug in it). Small enought to be directly posted home as a letter.
    Not a bad price. Give it a try! There is not a reason why not to buy what so ever.
  • Great signal!

    posted by burdo

    Iv'e got full signal inside of a concrete plant, where I didn't get any signal before.I used in my android phone and the results are brilliant.It's really easy to use, con it's only a connector that you need.It comes with the necessari cable to put the antenna little away of the phone if you need to.
    The clip helps to fix it on the top of the phone.It can be used in a lot of phones, look at the back of your phone for the correct connector type!
    Great deal if you have no signal in your home or work.
  • It can works as jammer, no special knowledge needed.

    posted by DarkDaemon

    Thin, battery inside, led indication, two antennas and precision resistors. It's working fine, my three phones are jammed.
    No more than 10-20m working radius
    Here you can buy thing, that you need. I've search many China shops and *good known internal China market*, but there is no jammers. Now I hope more powerful and stationary jammers will be in stock.

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