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  • Swell

    posted by KaedeDevil

    This wireless adapter has a decent range, and comes with an okay antenna. It has an RTL8187 chip in it, which is a decent chip.
    Of course, it isn't 3W, but it does the job - good range - okay build quality - I would suggest a new antenna if your looking for range though.
    For $16.50 USD, this is a pretty good purchase.
  • Perfect cheap car radio antenna

    posted by messersDX

    Very cheap, very easy of install. The back can be unscrewed to undo the wire and adapter, to be able to create a small hole in the exterior of the car. Fitted together perfectly, works fantastically. Can't find any car antenna in my country that is less than twice the price of this one.
    I installed the antenna on a car that didn't have one to begin with. This antenna looks perfect (like it belongs), was easy to install, has a cable that is just long enough, and the standard car radio antenna adapter.
    Great quality / price ratio, easy to install, easy to modify, looks good on a 80's car.
  • Cheap and cheerful

    posted by Jakester519

    Great build quality with a removable antenna so another with higher gain could be used if desired. Instant plug and play on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows 8. What more do you need?An ideal add USB WiFi adapter on for desktops and laptops with weak on board WiFi adapters.
    Small form factor so does not clutter your desktop or laptop like some other adapters. Fits easily into pocket for transport, this could be a pro for some or a con for others due to the fact it could be stolen very easily.
    Excellent for the price. The fact you can upgrade the antenna at a later stage is a big bonus.
  • Genial articulo original

    posted by marmacan

    The scope having 2000w is real I had a 1000w and this kasens Alfa exceeded the very good whenever it detects networks and even do audits. best of breed and the chip is ideal for wireless connections
    It is no time to say anything more about this article, what I read and have been recommended by people who have bought this board say it works great
  • Strong reception USB WiFi adapter

    posted by BFERK

    A have this USB WiFi adapter for 2 months now. It works as expected. Has very strong reception. To install in Windows you need the driver on CD that comes along in the box. LINUX - backtrack 3 CD is also provided. There card doesn't need any installation. The chipset is REALTEK 8187 and it is compatible with Linux and Windows. This device can be put in MONITOR mode to sniff network traffic.
    I would recommend this for everyone that uses USB WiFi. The device has really strong reception. It also catches very weak signals and allowes you to enter the network without being dropped off (ejected from network after a sort of period of time as on my build in WiFi). The price is really good. If you use this article for wifi penetration technique, the BACKTRACK CD comes with the device, meaning that the product shall operate under LINUX.

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