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  • Great

    posted by Samirr

    Can be used on any usb wireless adapter that has a removable antennaIncreases range really well, allows me to connect to my router on the ground floor(full bars) and I live in a 3 story villa with thick stone walls.Allows you to use 3 antennas of your choice instead of oneVery strong magnet on the bottom of the device, can attach anywhere on your desktop PC and it will not move at all, you might have to put some effort into removing it as well, thats how strong it is.
    I attached 3 11dBi RP-SMA Omnidirectional WiFi Antenna instead of the 3 antennas that came with this device, and its doing wonders for me. (even though the ones with the device were very good as well) Check it out here: http://www.dx.com/p/47783
    Great to use if you want to increase range and connectivity, definitely worth more than the price.
  • It does provide signal gain

    posted by romaneth

    Well, In few words I like it, instead of spreading RF spectrum widely, it narrows beam to one area. I couldn'y measure exactl increase but it may be as suggested 6-8dbm. I'd purchased it to beam wifi to my android TV sku.66302 I'm anticipating to arrive soon.
    It's easy to use with any standard Wi-Fi router. Now instead of broadcasting to entire house, I focus RF beam exactly where needed. Good buy.
    Worth buy.
  • This antenna really works, and the price is right!

    posted by LarsNorw

    This antenna gave me from NOTHING to 50% at a distance of 1,5km! The built quality is reasonably good also. So why bother with other antenna styles when this works. I am using a WLAN modem b/g/n with 200mW of power. (You can buy one at deal extreme!) You also need a bracket to install it on, look at your local shop for a tube mount for antennas.
    This is an excellent antenna for the price. if you are looking for a long range connection, be sure to pick one up! Remember you need an installation tube bracket, I bought one at my local shop.
  • Great wifi adapter for its price

    posted by mazupan

    It connects to very far access points my laptop won't even detect. Those wifi networks that had on my laptop only "fair" signal are now labeled as "excellent" with this adapter.Drivers not needed on win7, but installing them would help in fine tuning - especially for making transmiter more powerfull.
    It would be nice if the adapter supported 802.11 n.
    Very useful tool for all those who need to stay connected.
  • Good yagi antenna for mobile data

    posted by speedfreak1o1

    I get significant better signal with antenna connected to a huawei E1750, E169, E220, E620, it also increases data speeds slightly as far as network allows.
    huawei E1750 you can solder a antenna connector inside the modem and use a external antenna, view faq in the web for this aproatch.Use a usb cable to extend/get dongle(modem) closer to the antenna, dont use long coaxial cables as has a good amount of dampening and makes antenna gain pointless if verry long.
    I get a good steady 10db gain with this antenna and a short adaptercable acording to dongle itself.Works as good inside in a room as outdoors.needs a pole like tube to mount on.

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