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angle led lens Customers Reviews

  • HD lens, and flashlight

    posted by mikeedavila

    Excellent product. I bought it for two things, first for a high-power LED(like the SKU 4877), and second to use it as a magnifying glass for the camera on my phone. As for use with LEDs work great, highly recommended for use with flashlights. As to the use as a magnifying glass, with a few modifications you can get a low-cost HD lens.
    They do not come with a protector for the lens, arrived a little scratched. But that's more a matter of shipment.
    Good product, highly recommended.
  • Great DVR, but could be better

    posted by Cythrelo

    Excellent quality wide-angle video (front and back) and audio. You can set the DVR to record the front camera, the back camera, or both simultaneously. Videos are perfectly gapless, so you won't be missing one or two seconds every time the video splits. High quality, bright screen, and good quality suction cup for the DVR.The user manual's English translation isn't great, but it's good enough - certainly not gibberish.
    Thankfully, the cable for switching to the rear camera when you shift into reverse plugs into the rear camera itself, not the DVR. This wasn't mentioned anywhere in the description, and I was wondering when I ordered it.
    Very good deal for the price, and it's nice knowing that I'll have recordings of both the front and the back if I ever get into an accident.
  • With few good features but dissapointing image quality - as good as it cost

    posted by Stirch

    + Nice build quality;+ Image rotation feature (you can mount it upside down);+ Full HD resolution (1920x1080);+ Manual exposition correction (+2 ... -2 with step of 1/3);+ Motion detection feature (you can use it as some kind of security camera);+ Sound recording can de disabled;+ Auto screen of with OFF, 3 min, 5 min and 10 min choises;+ HDMI - mini HDMI cable included (about 50 cm in length);+ File lock button.
    Mine was with "20120424" firmware version;Just dont know if a G-sensor work or not;Very small date/time stamp at fullHD res;Nothere was mentioned about NightVision on/off - need to press power button shortly; I'd probably will use it as secondary rear DVR.
    You can use it for some purposes based on it's pros and cons, but as main car dvr i'd prefer somphing with AVC/H.264 Video Codec. It worth its price, just dont expect $100+ DVR picture quality.

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