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angel light led Customers Reviews

  • Nice even light

    posted by Nygma

    Very bright and homogeneous light. Not blue or yellow either, somewhere in between.
    I used this to build my own ring light for my SLR:
    I tried with multiple power supplies. They all work fine. This ring draws 170 mA on 12 V. There is no significant heat from the product.
    Good product, versatile use. The ring gives and even distributed light, I am thinking about using it for interior lightning as well. As far as I can tell these LEDs does not require complicated electronics just an adapter which gives 12 V DC. I am using mine from an old laptop power supply with a single chip 12 V voltage regulator. The simplest regulator is OK for 1 A which should drive 4 rings easily.
  • Nice cheap light

    posted by Loeken

    Good price/value for the money, Ok light source if you dont need strong light.
    Cable is really thin and easy to break, and short. I dont use it in a car and if I would I would change the cable (also the contact needs to be changed).The pcb is good if you need a circle light, the LEDs can be changed while using the existing pcb and resistors.
    If you need this kind of geometrical led light for some kind of circle installation and dosent care about quality or light strength and dont want to spend a lot of money its a good choice.
  • Very good for DIY

    posted by onobuo

    Very good light. The leds are arranged in sereis of 3 with a voltage down resistor. My project is to build a macro ligth to use with my digital camera. The only problem is the input voltage that must be 12V.
    The build is very good and solid
    If you want to build a DIY project you won't be wrong. It is very good for any project that requires a circular light supply, but keep in mind that you will need 12v for power supply.

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