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  • Bit cheap quality but it works fine

    posted by mybox911

    Very bright and homogeneous light. Not blue or yellow either, somewhere in between.I used this to build my own ring light for my SLR:http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-ring-light-for-your-camera/
    Get it if you are looking for this to use somewhere. There aren't very many companies offering these, especially in various sizes.
  • Car Angel Eye as a DIY camera macro light

    posted by PunyViking

    Low cost, easy to use. Wery bright colorless light. Easy to work with.
    I bought the 70, 80 and 90mm angel eye rings to mount onto each other to make a camera macro light. I mounted the glued together angeleyes onto a P-type connector(sku11656), after a bit of modifications. Then I can screw the p-type connector to the front of my lens. Works Perfect! (some use of a Dremel could be necessary )
    If you know the right end of a solder iron and superglue, then you should be able to make one of these. Recomended!
  • well made, using for my fish tank

    posted by derekread

    brightvery whitelow power consumptionvery thinlow heatprovided with a standard connector for vehicles
    Using 4 of these wired in parellel driven by a standard 350mA 9V wall wart to replace the standard lighting in my 10 gallon fish tank. Despite being underdriven at just over 9V they are very bright, providing the equivalent of the 2 x 20 watt incandescent lights that used to be in there.
    Nice lighting package for DIY projects.
  • very good product!

    posted by jolucore

    is a product of high quality and easy to install with the manual has, on the other hand, the light power is expected, the products that come within the housing are indicated and suitable for easy installation.
    I think they are a great help if you want to change the image of your car, allowing you to give a more modern
    i think ist a great product
  • Nice DVR

    posted by gneijsel

    Nice DVR, well built, easy to use.Good picture quality! High resolution (900x350?). I could even read the subtitles with my HD media player attached as video source.It charges via USB, but it even comes with an external charger (110-240V). It's not suitable for european wall outlets (it has flat pins), but if you have an adapter from another charger like i did, it works.Didn't test the battery yet, so i don't know if it will last for serveral hours.
    If you want to order an extra battery with it, use SKU06302. I've tested it. It fits, it works.I use it as an external display for an underwater video housing. It would be nice if the software would allow to switch off the date/time in the upper right corner.
    Good price/quality balance


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