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android wifi bluetooth

You'll find the best android wifi bluetooth for you here. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Of course, you can find them from android wireless bluetooth, mini bluetooth android. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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android wifi bluetooth Customers Reviews

  • Good item

    posted by q9dido

    Its a good item, better then a Tablet. I have now a 40" tablet. Its cheaper then in my country (Bulgaria). Fast delivery to my country,
    I have already done a benchmark test (AnTuTu Benchmark). The test did gave +16K on points. Will test it this weekend.
  • nice, fast, powerfull

    posted by kolke16

    On a stick, very small, it has a hdmi extension,it works perfectly with any wireless keyboard and mouse. I tried it with a particular genius kit and doing well,you connect a usb hub encore and it works perfectly for reading pendrives, you can browse the LAN, play files directly from your PC
    took 2 months to get to Argentina rios parana between 158 pesos and pay customs duty on the purchase included a keyboard n5901
    very good product, still not 100 percent probe
  • Instant Smart-TV , works very well

    posted by killani64

    Works right out of the box, little to no installation needed. Great resolution on the screen, OS works very well with the hardware. Videos, games, photos, all work beautifully, really good. After some work and arranging, the keyboard/airmouse works well too, and how. The airmouse works better than expected, is really responsive, give or take a few lags, which is to be expected. It's good enough to play Angry Birds or likewise things. It's already rooted when you get it, so that saves some work, and it already has a apkinstaller. The keyboard is great too, really nice grip and responsiveness.
    The fact that it's already rooted is a big plus. The keyboard is a bit hard to get open (to put in batteries), you need a sharp object of sorts, but that isn't really a con, since that's supposed to be like that.
    Really an amazing product, I still can't believe something this advanced costs so little, I have recommended this to all of my friends, and I do so to you too.
  • Nice equipament

    posted by leofuscaldi

    Up-to-date Android Version (4.1.1)Fast CPU and RAM (7300 points on antutu)BluetoothReads external HD (tried w/ 1.5TB and 640GB)
    Very nice. Nice resolution, simply to use. Market works fine and etc.Could have a Power button.
    Recomend to everyone!
  • It just works :-)

    posted by OleJohan

    Connected power, screen, and Logitech dongle for wireless Kbd/Mouse, and it just works! Even without SDmicro. Wifi, Surfing, E-mail. apps, video, music, the lot.And it is very fast.
    Seemingly it is bit sensitive on the Wifi. Once the signal became bad, but after moving its position a bit, it was OK again.The screen layout in apps etc is not always fit for big screen, but still OK.
    I think I got a lot for the money. Positively surprised.Even if I knew nothing about Android, i have now used it for many hours and like it!

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