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  • Great tablet for the price!

    posted by Ralith

    *The tablet has a very responsive capacitive screen. When I first turned on this little wonder the calibration was terrible. Extremely terrible.
    However, after consulting the manual, holding "Esc" should supposedly calibrate it. I did, and although it didn't show anything on the screen, the tablet is now as accurate and responsive as my HTC Desire phone.
    *Full market access
    Some of these cheap tablets reportedly doesn't have Market access, or only has access to a limited Market. So far it seems as though this is complete Market access.
    *1 GHz processor
    Confirmed, thought i'd mention this. The tablet is more than able to run anything I've thrown at it.
    *Internal memory
    A total of 512 mb. After installing a few programs (i'd guess for around 20-25 MB's) I still have 386 MB free. This means you'll (probably) never run out of space to install apps to.
    This device uses TF memory cards, I have a few MicroSD's lying around, but these are not compatible. Luckily it has 2,56 GB of NAND flash to use for music, pictures, e-books, etc.
    *Runs smoothly
    Many of these cheap android knock-offs aren't very responsive/precise or otherwise seem "cheap". That is NOT the case here. It handles as well as any android tablet.
    On the outside it looks quite sleek. It has an aluminum case, speakers on the back (which are surprisingly good (way better than on my Desire anyway)) and a camera in front (which takes decent pictures, as long as theres plenty of light).
    *The operating system
    It's a Gingerbread (android 2.3.1) based operating system. The complete version number from Settings is: gingerbread_v1.28 ly.root.20110829
    Kernel: EM2918-705C@V04M #972
    As far as I know this version is only meant for mobile phones, which means things look a bit stretched.
    The device does NOT have root access by default.
    Do NOT expect updates to the software, any bugs that are here will stay. It's not even likely we will be able to use custom ROM's, as a developer would have to take interest in this tablet and frankly that's not very likely. (In my opinion).
    The charger uses a small jack-plug, despite having 3 sizes none were the same size - don't loose or break your charger! (Which is a US charger BTW, so remember to get a "from US to EU"-converter if needed).
    For the price this is definitely the best Android tablet on DX. It plays a wide range of media files all very satisfying.
    There might be more cons than pros, but I tried to highlight everything wrong with it. The biggest PRO I haven't mentioned is probably that I never expected to be satisfied by it's performance, but I really am.
    If you have any questions I'll try to answer/meet requests.
  • Review tablet

    posted by edinho1972

    Good price for a nice tablet. All necessary basic things ara available.
    I think they put in the market this tablet with a discount because there are some small defects which don´t interfere directly.
    Good price for a nice tablet. All necessary basic things ara available. Good for the beginner with Android.
  • Good Product, good price

    posted by apcarabias

    Is very cheap, the resolution its ok, hdmi is great.you can see films ok on it, and is so easy to use it.The play store works all rigth, and so fast download. Great for kids, and do not worry about it, cause is cheap and hard (i buy a case too).Games works all rigth, and you can download everything. Skype is ok.the screen moves are fast.
    I recomended it for kids, travel and see films at bed.
    Great! price and quality very according.
  • Very good product vs price

    posted by luisluero

    First of all: price. Usability stands for simplicity. Touch response is pretty good. It's super lightweight. It is friendly: No big laps to access the functions.
    Overall I am very satisfied with the product. I hope you have a very long life.
    Excellent product for that price. I recommend it. Ideal for kids or to use to read the news or social networks. It is highly recommended for beginners in this kind of articles.
  • Nice tablet for a low price!

    posted by newtronics

    It's a realy complete mini tablet (7") with great screen display, screen speed en quality. The Android 4.0 operation systems works fine with Play Store of Google. The screen works fine, not ipad quality of 'high end' android tablets, but what doe you aspect for 60 dollar?
    It's a great tablet for side use or childeren, i'm using it for android testing (instead of trying stuff on our 'expensive' android). And for my 7 year old son for playing games like Angry Birds..
    Just buy it if you are looking for a fine cheap tablet, don't aspect high-end product, just a nice product better than cheap tablets in local stores in Holland.


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