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android quad core 5.0

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android quad core 5.0 Customers Reviews

  • Good option for less than 150€

    posted by tonk

    Design good, not a fake of other models.Screen OK for regular use.Battery one day with full use gps , WiFi,...Speed in use of apps, web,...SD memory, I use a 64gb with very good results.Android version is good and not red ice the speed.
    If you look for a usefull androidphone and need to use some apps this your phone.
    I am happy with the experience.If in the next months it goes as well as now probably I will buy another one for my family.
  • Simply fantastic

    posted by Cabraextreme

    Powerful, easy to use, its 4 cores and 1GB RAM makes it very fast and fantastic mobile at cheap price and nothing to envy to the best known brands. Recommended purchase. 10/10
    It took me almost a month to be available.
    Powerful, easy to use, its 4 cores and 1GB RAM makes it very fast and fantastic mobile at cheap price and nothing to envy to the best known brands. Recommended purchase. 10/10
  • Nice and cheap phone

    posted by dutch1

    Good looking screen 1080pFast and good graphicsScored the same as a htc one x on a benchmark test16 GB internal memory so you can store to 48 Gb on your phone wich is very handy
    Got cashback from dealextremegood service
    if you dont want to spend to much on a phone and you want a high end phone buy this one
  • Cheap and fast Mobile Phone

    posted by SergioRodrigues

    The touch screen has quick response, really good for user. The CPU and memory to leave the phone real quick. I have no complaint about the 3G signal, it worked fine with me. GPS also worked pretty good to me.
    The phone is fast but arrived defective.
    CPU and memory is good
  • Really, really good.

    posted by kiwijake

    I'm always skeptical of reviews that rate EVERY category five stars, but this phone is amazing. Having had a bad experience with a cheap Chinese android phone in the past I was fearing the worst, but this has exceeded any expectation I could have had.The Jiake JK11 is, as advertised, a quad-core phone. There is a discrepancy from the description though: while it is described as having 1GB or RAM, mine seems to actually have 2GB. And the front camera is actually 12MP, not the quoted 8. The phone runs Android 4.2.2 without a hitch, and all the English in menus etc. is correct and understandable. And there's no problem with noisy start-ups and shut-downs (as with some other cheap Chinese phones) - it's just fast and silent.The performance is incredible - I've never yet seen it lag, and I've used it fairly heavily. The screen is huge and very responsive. It's a wonderful phone!
    To put things in perspective, the last such phone I tried (not from DX) was advertised as a quad-core with 1GB RAM and was in fact a dual-core with 512MB, it played a long and noisy tune every time it started up or shut down, and the English in menus etc. was very poor and in some cases not understandable. This phone is not even in the same league.
    I have no doubt that this is the best Android phone you'll get for this price on DX - or anywhere for that matter.

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