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You will be surprised our best android phone quad with an artful design and an amazing price. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. You can find what you want at mini android phone, android gsm phones. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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android phone quad Customers Reviews

  • The most helpful critical review

    posted by zoro551

    I purchased this phone 2 months ago and have used it in the as well as Europe. It is a well built phone, typical for the quality you expect from Lenovo.
    I bought this phone because I needed a new dual sim phone. I had some concerns because this phone does not cover the 850mHz frequency but so far I have not run into issues because of this. So if you are looking for a quality dual sim phone, unlocked, with GPS and at a good price,
    the Lenovo A820 is a good option from my point of view.
  • Great deal

    posted by shakein

    Very good smartphone with huge display, good battery, vanilla Android 4.2, almost no bloatware, silicon case and display protector that come with the package.
    There are some drawbacks, but I don't believe that there is such a thing like perfect device. And I believe that the drawback are adequate to the price of this cell phone.
    If you count the price and what you get for it, I believe it is a great deal. But it is not perfect, there are some compromises. But they always are.
  • Really, really good.

    posted by kiwijake

    I'm always skeptical of reviews that rate EVERY category five stars, but this phone is amazing. Having had a bad experience with a cheap Chinese android phone in the past I was fearing the worst, but this has exceeded any expectation I could have had.The Jiake JK11 is, as advertised, a quad-core phone. There is a discrepancy from the description though: while it is described as having 1GB or RAM, mine seems to actually have 2GB. And the front camera is actually 12MP, not the quoted 8. The phone runs Android 4.2.2 without a hitch, and all the English in menus etc. is correct and understandable. And there's no problem with noisy start-ups and shut-downs (as with some other cheap Chinese phones) - it's just fast and silent.The performance is incredible - I've never yet seen it lag, and I've used it fairly heavily. The screen is huge and very responsive. It's a wonderful phone!
    To put things in perspective, the last such phone I tried (not from DX) was advertised as a quad-core with 1GB RAM and was in fact a dual-core with 512MB, it played a long and noisy tune every time it started up or shut down, and the English in menus etc. was very poor and in some cases not understandable. This phone is not even in the same league.
    I have no doubt that this is the best Android phone you'll get for this price on DX - or anywhere for that matter.
  • Good value for best price

    posted by szauern

    The quality of materials are good. The screen is nice. Excellent for its price.Result of the AnTuTu benchmark has really reached the 17000 points.Boot speed is fast, Android runs proper.I do not test it with 3D games.I have ordered it to my wife in white colour, but I think I will buy an other one in black for me.
    I was scared at first when I got it, because on the box was other technical parameters than I ordered. I have installed AnTuTu benchmark, I checked everything and I calmed down. It was exactly that I ordered, only the text on the box does not fit for this phone.
    I recommend it for everyone who wants a fast and not too expensive phone for general usage.

    posted by manelito20

    The device is very fast and stable, exelent for its price.the screen is good, ips with great definition, i justloved it.none game untill now has brecked out.
    for someone like me, that works all days at a mobile phone store, this phone is a very good business for its price. If someone offers another one to me, i would accept it whith a big and large smile.by the tests, its no much difrence fr a SIII in games, except the screen (ips to super amoled), bu has excelent image quality.

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